Samsung Galaxy Fold Review against the wall

Samsung has already produced two smartphones with a foldable display, offering the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. We’ve previously heard about a Samsung Galaxy Fold sequel, tentatively dubbed Galaxy Fold 2, and more details may have leaked.

Korean outlet Aju News and Ross Young, founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (h/t: XDA-Developers), have both reported that the device might have an under-screen selfie camera. Young adds that it could potentially arrive with ultra-thin glass (UTG) as well, although that’s apparently dependent on supply challenges being met.

The two sources also report that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is currently code-named Champ, with Young adding that the phone is scheduled for a Q3 2020 launch date. Aju News, meanwhile, drills down even deeper and says the phone will launch in July.

samsung galaxy z foldable design letsgodigital
Samsung says it's capable of designing foldables that fold even more

The display executive adds that the phone will fold out to offer a 7.7-inch display, meaning the screen is slightly larger than the 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold panel. Otherwise, the Korean news outlet says it’s tipped to have a similar price to the original model, with Young also saying it’ll be more expensive than clamshell foldables.

Either way, the Galaxy Z Flip has set the bar high for Samsung foldable phones in 2020. So you can be sure that the company will want to achieve a similar level of polish with the Galaxy Fold 2, leaving memories of the Galaxy Fold’s original launch in the dust.