Some Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) users are reporting issues with random reboots and getting stuck in bootloops after upgrading their devices to Android 8.0 Oreo.

A handful of users on the official Samsung US community forums have noted problems with the A3 (2017) (via GalaxyClub). Based on the reports, the rebooting issue appears to be linked somehow to the use of public Wi-Fi as multiple users managed to temporarily fix the problem on home Wi-Fi networks.

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The bootloop issue, however, could be a little more serious. One user has noted that the constant freezing and resets only started occurring after installing the Oreo OTA update. The same user also commented that the problem persisted even after performing a full factory reset.

Samsung hasn’t exactly had the smoothest record with Oreo rollouts so far. The South Korean OEM previously had to halt the update temporarily for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 devices following software issues. Unfortunately, it seems as though the A3 (2017) is the latest victim.

If you’re experiencing similar issues with your device, your best bet is to contact Samsung directly. A verified Samsung forum moderator has responded in the initial thread so it seems likely that a fix will be in the works if needed.

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