While many of us stateside are familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note lines, the company boasts a broad portfolio of handsets aimed at the mid-tier market. It will be easier to keep track of these affordable brands going forward because Samsung is dropping the Galaxy J brand (via XDA-Developers).

In the past, the Galaxy J series has been Samsung’s ultra-affordable lineup. These handsets allowed those even on strict budgets to get their hands on a Samsung handset. Unsurprisingly, these phones were marketed to customers in areas where smartphones aren’t as prevalent yet.

As seen in Samsung’s promotional video, the Galaxy A series focuses on premium features and specs. Of course, these aspects won’t be at the same caliber as the ultra-premium Galaxy S and Note lines. The difference in quality does allow the South Korean company to keep its prices down.

The Samsung logo.
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As these two lines are merging, it’s unclear how Samsung plans to continue covering multiple price ranges. Chances are, Samsung will drop the price of certain Galaxy A-branded smartphones to fill in the gaps. By removing the Galaxy J brand, Samsung removes the stigma around buying a cheaper and lesser-specced handset.

We should hopefully learn more about the future of the Galaxy A line soon. Samsung has an event planned for April 10 in which we might find out details about the company’s upcoming handsets including the rumored Galaxy A90.