• A Chinese Twitter user posted what they claim are images of Samsung’s Project V, a cancelled attempt at a foldable smartphone.
  • The images show a device with two separate displays connected by a folding hinge.
  • Samsung may have shut down development of this device, but rumors claim the company is still working on a foldable phone.

Rumors continue to swirl on the internet that Samsung plans to release a foldable phone with a flexible display sometime in the near future. This weekend, we may have received a glimpse of a previous attempt to create a Samsung foldable phone, but one with two separate displays.

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The images come from a Chinese Twitter user (via Slashleaks), who claims that this is the Samsung foldable phone known by the codename Project V, also known as Project Valley. Rumors about this phone started around 2015, claiming that the company would actually launch it in 2016, but that never happened. The same post says the model number for this cancelled phone is SM-G929F.

The images of the alleged Samsung foldable phone definitely look like a device that the smartphone maker would have designed back in 2015. The main phone display is also very thick compared to its second foldable screen. In that respect, it’s very similar to the ZTE Axon M, the two-screen foldable phone which launched in late 2017.

Keep in mind that we don’t have any confirmation that these images are of real prototypes for Samsung’s Project V foldable phone, so take them with a grain of salt. As we have reported, the company is still rumored to be developing some kind of foldable smartphone, but one with a flexible display, and with the new code name Winner.