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While it’s looking like BlackBerry might not be in the hardware game for the long haul, one thing that’s for sure is that the Canadian tech company knows how to create solid, functional software. The BlackBerry Hub, which is currently well-showcased by the Priv, serves as a kind of one-stop shop for all of your communications: email, messages, phone calls, social media notifications, etc… For someone who doesn’t like hopping from app to app and enjoys having all their notifications in one spot, it’s an elegant solution. Now it looks like Samsung is taking a page out BlackBerry’s book with Samsung Focus, an app SamMobile is reporting will be arriving on the Galaxy Note 6.

Evidently, this Hub-like service will do essentially the same thing as its BlackBerry inspiration by shuffling calendars, contacts, memos, and emails into one easy to peruse location. The main screen will serve as a kind of scheduler, intelligently displaying your agenda, relevant events, and email followups that you’ll need to tackle throughout your day. You can change notification settings to give some messages priority based on sender or content (thanks to the ability to flag keywords) and the user interface is reportedly easy on the eyes with sleek, Material Design elements.

We don’t have any images of Samsung Focus yet, but we look forward to getting a better overview of this new app as more information regarding the Galaxy Note 6 is leaked. In the meantime, give us your thoughts regarding Samsung Focus in the comments below!

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