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Let's look at some of the cool products coming from Samsung Creative Lab

From music app Hum On! to 360-degree wearable camcorder FITT360, Samsung’s C-Lab has some pretty interesting projects in the works.

Published onOctober 31, 2016


Samsung’s Creative Lab Projects, also known as C-Lab, is a Samsung division that aims to let its employees work on more personal projects. Like Google Creative Lab, C-Lab offers a space to develop ideas that otherwise might never see the light of day and Samsung has just teased a few apps and wearables that might be coming out of C-Lab in the future. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Hum On!

Hum On! Turns a melody you hum into music notation that can be played back and customized. The implication is that you can create a song without actually having any in-depth knowledge of music.

This is an exciting idea but also useful for musicians – at least beginners. It could help train your voice, to some extent, as well educate you on music notation principles. You can download the app now in the Google Play Store for free but expect some bugs in its early state.


Waffle is a social app based on images. It encourages users to draw doodles and send photos to friends and family, which they can reply to with their own pictures, to create a personalized collage of images that Samsung calls “social art”.

How interesting this app would be, ultimately, likely depends on how invested people are in creating interesting designs and patterns. Also, drawing on smartphones usually isn’t very comfortable or accurate with a finger, which could hinder its chances of catching on.


This is a not an app but a wearable for children. The watch provides a child a virtual pet to care for – which sounds a lot like a Tamagotchi. Samsung says the watch is being designed to help children “build good habits”, to “relieve parental stress” and to “strengthen the emotional bond among family members”. Admirable aims, but there’s so little divulged about the product that it’s hard to judge its potential.



Ahead is a communication device for safety helmets designed to give skiers, cyclists, skateboarders etc. a hands-free alternative to smartphones. It’s said to offer music-streaming capabilities and voice notifications.

There’s certainly space in the market for such a product, especially after Skully’s demise, but Samsung appears to have ignored rule number one of creating a wearable: don’t make the person look silly while wearing it.



LiCon is a camera app that you point at ‘internet of things’ devices to control them. Samsung says you can “take a photo of any smart device – from toys to bottles and appliances” to then take control of it. For those with a number of connected home appliances, it could be quite useful.



Finally, FITT360 is a wearable 360-degree camera that provides hands-free recording capabilities. Samsung claims it has made it easy to use to allow an individual to become “fully immersed in VR content”. Samsung has already produced a great 360-camera product this year with the Gear 360 which inspires at least some confidence in the potential for the FITT360.


It’s an interesting group of ideas but there’s no telling if any of them will reach the point of being consumer-ready products. Let’s just hope that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco doesn’t mean a C-Lab funding cut before any of them can see a full release.

Which project is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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