For bikers, Skully was a dream come true. It brought the power of Android to a smart helmet, promising both safer and funner motorcycle rides, thanks to its integrated rear camera, display, Bluetooth connectivity and more. And though it did cost a whopping $1500, many of us would agree it was a worthy price for what you were to get.

It has been about 2 years since Skully hit Indiegogo with record-breaking support, but now it seems the company can’t keep itself on the road. Money has been running out and Skully has sent emails to its customers, telling them the startup are to shut down.

Problems arose some months ago, when founders Marcus and Mitch Weller were kicked out of the company. Most of the team was then let go and sales were closed down. Some sources claim the company was trying to be acquired by LeSport (owned by LeEco), but things didn’t work out in Skully’s favor.


Now, we know many of you are here to read about those refunds. This is no cheap helmet, and sadly it seems like customers might have to pay the price for investing in a startup. Skully is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and all their assets are subject to liens held by a secured creditor.

I must say I was going to purchase the Skully AR-1, and am glad I didn’t. $1500 is not an amount of cash I can simply afford to lose, and we are sure whoever signed up is definitely hurting right now.

If it’s any consolation, though, motorcycle accessory maker Fusar has offered affected customers a credit for the full amount of their Skully purchase. You won’t be able to get the full credit all at once, but at least you are making it all up at some point. They call it the Skully Owners Stimulus (SOS) and you can learn more about it here.

Did any of you sign up for the Skully?