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Does the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G have wireless charging?

The Galaxy A54 5G is a great mid-range phone, but what about wireless charging support?

Published onJune 20, 2023

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G homescreen in hand
Galaxy A54 5G

If you’re considering picking up the Galaxy A54 5G, you might wonder if it supports wireless charging. Unfortunately no, the Galaxy A54 doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities.

There are two options if you have your heart set on wireless charging. First, it is possible to add Galaxy A54 wireless charging capabilities – but it’s far from an elegant solution. Don’t want to do that? Your best bet is to pick a phone with similar pricing that includes wireless charging.

Does the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G have wireless charging?

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G White exclusive colorway
Galaxy A54 5G

Considering the Galay A53 also didn’t support wireless charging, it’s unsurprising that the A54 also skips out on the feature. But why? The most obvious reason is that not everyone uses wireless charging. When cutting features to keep pricing down, a company is likelier to ax wireless charging in favor of a better camera, sharper screen, extra RAM, or other areas that will affect most potential buyers.

Can you add wireless charging to the Galaxy S54 5G?

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Awesome Green

The Galaxy A54 5G might not include wireless charging built-in, but adding the feature is possible using a special adapter. A wireless charging adapter is almost paper-thin and is designed to stick to the back of your phone. Several options are available, most ranging from around $10 to $30. Olixar ($30) is probably the best-known of these brands but is also the most expensive. Nillkin and Tasumato are two other cheaper options that are highly rated.

If you put a case on it, you will hardly even be able to tell it’s there, though you’ll need to find a case flexible enough to ensure a good fit. The only way to do this is through trial and error; though most adapters are thin enough, it shouldn’t be an issue. One of the biggest downsides to an adapter is that it will take up your USB-C port, so you’ll have to unplug it if you want to top off the phone with your wired charger.

Speaking from past experiences adding this feature to an old phone for my mom — your results may vary. It worked flawlessly for the first six months, and then it just stopped functioning. To be fair, this was years ago. Wireless adapter tech has no doubt improved since then. Still, it’s important to note this might not be a perfect solution, but if you want the A54 5G, it should work well enough.

What are some alternatives to the Galaxy A54 5G with wireless charging?

If you’re willing to spend just a little bit more, a few alternatives to the Galaxy A54 5G include wireless charging. The most obvious budget choice for Samsung fans would be the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The big caveat is the S21 FE is only worth it if you can find it for less than its $600 retail value. Sometimes you can find it for as little as $500 or even cheaper used.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FESamsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Above-average display • Great battery life • Speedy performance
MSRP: $699.99
Focused on what matters
The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a lite version of the vanilla Galaxy S21. That means it offers a bit less overall in terms of specs and features, but it also costs less.

If you don’t mind looking at other brands, there are a few other options. There’s the Pixel 7a, but that’s also a bit more expensive at $499.

The iPhone SE is arguably the best phone with wireless charging at or under the $450 mark. If you’re firm on staying with an Android device, your options get slightly slimmer unless you’re willing to spend closer to flagship money. Your options below $600 are mostly slightly older devices like the OnePlus 9 and Pixel 6. Both can be found new at certain carriers like T-Mobile.

iPhone SEiPhone SE
iPhone SE
MSRP: $164.99
The iPhone SE offers the power of an Apple flagship, for less than half the cost.

You can find many more options if you can spend above $600. Check out our guide to the best smartphones for even more information.