A Samsung Exynos chip.

Samsung is aiming to begin production of 7nm chips in early 2018, according to a report from ZDNet.co.kr (translated). The managing director of Samsung’s LSI Division, Dr. Heo Kuk, stated that the company would introduce extreme ultraviolet exposure (EUV) equipment to aid its production.

“We will maximize the advantages of EUV in the 7-nanometer process and secure competitiveness in terms of performance and power consumption,” he said.

Should Samsung’s 7nm chips go into production next early next year as suggested, it could mean that they arrive in time for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung to focus on AI, flexible displays and better entry level phones in 2017

Meanwhile, Samsung’s semiconductor rival TSMC plans to test 7nm chips in Q2, 2017, suggesting it could have them ready in 2018 for the iPhone 9.

Samsung announced the introduction mass production of the 10nm chip in November last year and is expected to make use of the chip in this year’s flagship phones, including the (rumored) Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 bearing Galaxy S8. Samsung’s 14nm chips are anticipated to move to its midrange and wearable devices.