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3 ways to find your Roku's IP address

Generally speaking, the best way is straight from your Roku.

Published onOctober 25, 2023

Before we begin, let’s be clear: you don’t need to know your Roku‘s IP address most of the time. It can, however, help in troubleshooting specific network issues, say by determining whether your Wi-Fi router is blocking or throttling your Roku’s connection. Here’s how to find Roku IP addresses in three different ways.


To find a Roku's IP address, navigate to Settings > Network > About from your Roku device's homescreen. You can also check a device's system information via the official Roku mobile app, or scan your network using Google Chrome's third-party Remoku browser extension.


How to find a Roku IP address using your remote

Viewing an IP address on a Roku TV
John Callaham / Android Authority

This should be your default method since it’s by far the easiest, and works regardless of network issues. From the Roku homescreen, go to Settings > Network > About, and you’ll see the IP address prominently displayed.

In fact, this conveniently reveals several other details, such as connection status and signal strength (for Wi-Fi connections). If it seems like something is blocking or throttling your Roku, it might be that it has a weak link to your router instead. There are a variety of ways to improve Wi-Fi speeds.

How to find a Roku IP address without a remote

By using the Roku app

You’ll need a functioning Wi-Fi connection to your Roku for this one, but if you’re still interested in an IP address, the official Roku mobile app for Android and iOS has you covered.

  • Open the Devices tab.
  • Select the Roku you’re concerned with, then tap the triple-dot icon.
  • Tap View System Info.

By using a Chrome extension

The Remoku Chrome extension
Roger Fingas / Android Authority

Remoku is a third-party extension for Google’s Chrome browser, normally meant to allow remote control of a Roku from a PC. But coincidentally, a Settings option can be used to reveal the IPs of any Rokus active on your network.

  • Download the Remoku extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Open Remoku in Chrome. You may have to click on a puzzle icon to see a list of your extensions.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Next to How Many Rokus, click Scan. Leave Chrome alone while the scan is in progress, or you may have to start over.

When Remoku’s scan is done, you should see the IPs of any Rokus on your network. Naturally, they won’t appear if they’re having connection problems, so this is just another alternative to using Roku’s mobile app.