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Roborock announces the S8 MaxV Ultra and other new robot vacuums

Roborock says the S8 Max is its most advanced robot vacuum its ever created.

Published onJanuary 8, 2024

S8 MaxV Ultra 2
  • Roborock is launching several new robotic cleaning products.
  • The S8 Max series uses a robotic arm to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Both the Q Revo series and S8 Max series will be available for purchase in April.

It’s CES 2024 and that means it’s time for companies to show off their latest technological innovations. Robot vacuum maker Roborock, in particular, is announcing several new smart home cleaning products that will be launching soon.

Roborock has announced new additions to the Q Revo series, S8 Max series, and Flexi series. Each lineup is getting two new entries that include the S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, Q Revo MaxV, Q Revo Pro, Flexi Pro, and Flexi Lite.

S8 Max series

S8 MaxV Ultra arm

Roborock claims the S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra are the most advanced robot vacuum and mop it has ever created. These cleaning robots come equipped with a robotic arm and an “Extra Edge Spinning Mop System” that allows the device to reach areas other robot vacs have trouble getting to. Both models are compatible with the RockDock Ultra, which automatically maintains the device (empties, refills, and dispenses detergent to clean the mop).

In terms of vacuuming, the S8 MaxV Ultra offers 10,000Pa of suction power, while the S8 Max Ultra is capable of 8,000Pa. For mopping, both models use a new mopping system called VibraRise 3.0. According to Roborock, each model has two vibration modules, 20mm Mop Module Lifting, and 4,000 times per min high-speed mopping.

Exclusive to the S8 MaxV Ultra, a “Hello Rocky” voice assistant is built into the unit, as well as video calling, and Matter protocol support. Additionally, it has obstacle detection and is able to identify different types of messes, allowing it to switch to the correct setting automatically.

Q Revo series

Q Revo MaxV 1

The other set of robot vacuums Roborock is launching are the Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Pro. Like the S8 Max series, these new additions to the lineup come with a robot arm to clean up hard-to-reach spaces. Both models also work with the Multifunctional Dock 2.0 for self-maintenance purposes. However, the suction power is slightly lower for the Q Revo series than the S8 Max series, which comes in at 7,000Pa. What sets the Q Revo MaxV apart from the other model is the built-in voice assistant, as well as obstacle recognition, video calling, and auto brush lifting.

Flexi series

Flexi Pro 2

Unlike the last four products that were mentioned, the Flexi Pro and Flexi Lite are not robot vacuums. Instead, they are vacuum/mop combo device for manual cleaning. These models offer an impressive suction power of 17,000Pa and are capable of laying completely flat to reach under tables, drawers, and other places that are difficult to clean.

With their sensors, they can adjust the cleaning power during cleaning and self-cleaning according to detected dirt levels. You can also use the self-drying and cleaning technology to dry the are you just mopped.

If you want to a model with automated adaptive wheels for easier pushing and pulling, then you’ll need to get the Flexi Pro. This model also offers dual-edge cleaning, voice alerts, and more.


When April rolls around, the new S8 Max series and Q Revo series will be available on Amazon and Roborock’s website. Here’s a quick breakdown of the prices:

At the time of writing, there is no launch window or price for the Flexi series. However, the company says those details will be announced soon.

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