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Roblox voice chat not working on Windows? Here's how you can try to fix it

The issue should probably take just a few minutes to fix.
November 15, 2023

Roblox is a juggernaut of the gaming world, somehow still going over 17 years after it launched. The game’s oldest platform is Windows, but even now things can occasionally break, including the fundamentally important feature of voice chat. If voice chat isn’t working in the Windows version of Roblox, there are a variety of possible fixes you can try.

How to fix Roblox voice chat not working on Windows

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Since there are a number of potential options here, we can’t necessarily predict what will solve your problems. Instead we’ll suggest running through the steps below one-by-one until you encounter something that works — it’s unlikely that Roblox will ever break so hard that you have to wait for an official patch.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your audio input. If you’re using wired headphones for mic input, it could be that a connection is loose, especially if the microphone itself is detachable. For Bluetooth or other wireless inputs, go to Settings > Bluetooth and devices in Windows 11. It could be that your input isn’t paired, and even if it is, it can’t hurt to reconnect it. You might also try toggling Bluetooth off and on again.
  • Check Windows sound settings. In the Windows 11 system tray (the far right of the taskbar), right-click on the speaker icon and select Sound settings. Under Input, make sure that the proper microphone is selected, and that volume is up high. Often mic volume needs to be higher than regular sound volume in order for you to be heard clearly. If you don’t see any input sources at all, that probably means you need to check your device connections (see above).
  • Test mic input. In the Windows 11 system tray, right-click on the speaker icon and choose Sound settings. Under Input, click on your selected source, then Test your microphone under Input settings. Say a few words before clicking Stop test. If the sound that comes back is faint or non-existent, ramp up input volume and try again. If you’re still not hearing anything, it could mean a loose connection, that your mic is too far from your mouth, or even physical damage.
  • Close other Windows apps that might be using mic input. If you’ve got voice chat running in another app, such as Discord, it could be causing conflicts.
  • Make sure voice chat is actually enabled in Roblox. The feature only works for players verified to be 13 or older. You’ll have to verify your age if you haven’t already. Once that’s done, you can check that voice is enabled by going to the Roblox website and clicking on the gear icon. Next, click on Settings followed by Privacy. The Enable voice chat toggle should be on.
  • Make sure the Roblox experience you’re playing actually supports voice chat. Only some experiences support voice, which is probably a good thing given the distractions it can cause, not to mention the potential for bigotry and bullying from some players. The listing for an experience should say whether voice is supported.
  • Check in-game sound settings. Launch an experience where you know voice is supported, then go to Discover > Settings. You’ll need the right Input Device selected — normally, this should match what you see in Windows settings (see earlier steps).
  • Be sure the people you want to hear are unmuted. If you usually chat with specific friends, it could be that they’re muted. In-game, go to Discover > People and find a person you’re concerned about. If there’s a red X next to their speaker icon, click that icon to unmute them.
  • Doublecheck whether your character is muted. Within a Roblox experience, look over your character’s head to see if there’s a microphone icon with a slash through it. If that’s the case, you’ll have to click the icon before you can say anything.
  • Restart the game, and/or your computer. Sometimes glitches are just temporary, in which case restarting Roblox and/or rebooting your computer might fix them.
  • Try a different version of the Roblox app. You can access the game through its dedicated launcher or a Microsoft Store app. If nothing else has worked up until this point, you might as well try downloading and running the version you don’t normally play. Your account info should carry over.