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Study says Android users make better relationship partners than iPhone users

The study suggests that Android users are less prone to annoying phone habits that cause strain in relationships.

Published onFebruary 11, 2021

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • A relationship study of over 2,000 people suggests that Android users might be better partners than iPhone users.
  • The study shows how Android users are less prone to having annoying phone habits that could irritate their partners.
  • However, a previous study did conclude that iPhone users are more likely to get dates than Android users.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so a lot of people have relationships on their minds. The folks over at Compare My Mobile decided to use that energy to do some research at the intersection of romance and technology.

The site conducted a survey of a little over 2,000 people. The study asked questions about annoying phone habits, and how those habits can irritate romantic partners. The relationship study strongly suggests that, overall, Android users are less prone to these annoying habits than iPhone users. As such, it’s reasonable to say that Android fans can be better partners than iPhone fans.

Android vs iPhone relationship study

Below, you’ll find a chart that details some of the study’s findings. The first column is filled with bad smartphone habits. The next two columns show the likelihood that iPhone users and Android users will perform that bad habit. The final column shows the difference between iPhone vs Android. Since these are bad habits, the lower percentage is the better one:

Surprisingly, the bad habit that irritated people the most was using a phone during a TV show or movie. This ranked even higher than not replying to texts or even liking other people’s raunchy social media posts. The study shows iPhone users have a 75% likelihood to be on their phones during a film, compared to Android users’ 59%. Honestly, we need to get that down to 0%, people. How hard is it to not look at your phone for 90 minutes?!

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Here’s another relationship study chart. This time, we see the numbers broken down by gender. The bad habits are also in order with the relationship faux pas people hate the most at the top and the one they hate the least at the bottom.

All in all, it’s hard to argue with these numbers. Although Android users certainly aren’t immune to temptation when it comes to these nasty phone habits, they are far better at avoiding them when compared to iPhone users in literally every category.

Unfortunately, it’s not all great news for Android users. Last year, Compare My Mobile ran a different relationship study that concluded iPhone users are more likely to get dates than Android users. I suppose this goes to show that it might be more difficult for an Android user to get a partner, but once they do, they’re more likely to hold onto them.

You can see the full results at

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