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Razer Kishi V2 is here: One of the best Android controllers gets even better

Razer isn't messing with the original winning formula set by the first Kishi, which is great to see.

Published onJune 8, 2022

razer kishi v2 stardew valley
  • The Razer Kishi V2 is the official follow-up to the 2020 original.
  • It keeps the same overall design but adds new features. There is also a new companion app.
  • It starts at $99 and is available today.

In 2020, Razer launched the Kishi. This smartphone gaming controller quickly became one of the best-reviewed controllers on the market and is a go-to for all types of mobile gamers. Now, Razer is finally launching the follow-up.

The Razer Kishi V2, as it’s officially called, sticks with the original formula of the Kishi. It wraps around the bottom and top of your smartphone and utilizes a USB-C connection to minimize latency and provide a smooth experience.

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However, Razer has introduced a few new features to the controller, including new programmable buttons. There’s a companion app experience as well, and the overall design and feel of the controller are slightly different.

Find out more about the new Kishi below, and stay tuned for our full review!

Razer Kishi V2: What’s new?

razer kishi v2 rear

As with the original, the Kishi V2 does not support Bluetooth and has no individual power needs. It draws power from your smartphone when connected with the USB-C mount in the middle of the controller. There is a USB-C port on the controller for delivering power to your phone while playing, but the Kishi V2 does not need to be charged.

The overall design of the controller has been updated. Razer subtly altered the shape of the grips and the placement of buttons. The company says this was an attempt to make the Kishi V2 feel like a “normal” controller and comfortable to hold and use for extended sessions.

The Razer Kishi V2 has some new buttons, a new look, and a new companion app.

Speaking of buttons, there are a few new ones here. First, there are two new M1/M2 multi-function buttons that didn’t appear on the original Kishi. These buttons are next to the traditional R1/L1 bumpers at the top of the controller. You can program these buttons to act in various ways or ignore them completely.

razer kishi v2 vs v1

To program those new buttons, you’ll need the Razer Nexus app. This new app allows you to customize and update the controller while also acting as a hub for your mobile gaming needs. For instance, it will curate games available on the Google Play Store and highlight ones that offer controller support. The new share button (located at the bottom of the right grip) works with the Nexus app specifically. You can use this to quickly start a livestream, capture screenshots, and more.

Finally, the Razer Kishi V2 better accommodates large phones and phones inside protective cases. This should increase compatibility. So if you balked at the previous Kishi because it didn’t work with your phone/case, the sequel might be worth a look.

Razer Kishi V2: Price and availability

razer kishi v2

The Razer Kishi V2 starts at $99, which is $20 more expensive than the original Android model. However, Razer launched other versions of the original Kishi — such as the one for iPhones and the one specifically for Xbox game streaming — at that same $99 price, so this isn’t wholly unexpected. So far, there’s no word on an iOS-supported model of the Kishi V2.

You can grab the new Kishi V2 starting today. Head to Razer’s site or click the button below to get started.

Razer Kishi V2 Hero
Razer Kishi V2
The 2022 version of the original Kishi is a new take on the proven formula.
The original Razer Kishi is one of the most popular mobile gaming controllers on the market. The Razer Kishi V2 improves on that formula with new buttons, a new app, and a subtly better design.