PUBG Mobile name change and appearance change explanation
Keen gamers are diving into PUBG Mobile on Android, as one of the most popular Battle Royale-style games makes an excellent cross-over from PC to mobile.

The game is great, but it’s not perfect. Take my experience with setting up my PUBG Mobile account, name, and appearance. No sooner had I signed up and logged in via Facebook, my gaming account name became my Facebook name: TristanRayner. Ouch.

Who plays games with their real name? Nobody, that’s who. And what was I thinking when I didn’t customize my appearance?

If you’re like me, you’ll want to know how to change your name in PUBG Mobile, along with your appearance. Here’s how.

How to reset your appearance

The good news is that you can reset your appearance quite easily. Tencent Games knows that you’ll want to change up your look as you play to keep things fresh. The catch is that you have to first earn 3,000BP – one of the in-game currencies or loot – to be able to do it.

If you have the money, just follow these instructions:

PUBG Mobile: Change appearance settings

  1. Open the app to the home screen (main menu)
  2. Select Inventory from the menu at the top
  3. Hit the ‘Reset Appearance’ button that appears right next to your character. You’ll see there’s a 3,000BP cost associated with it.
  4. Make the changes you’d like to your character, then hit OK. You’ll be asked to confirm you wish to spend 3,000BP. If you don’t have the money, you’ll get this far before the game checks your account and confirms that you don’t have the money.PUBG Mobile: Change appearance confirmation

How to change your name

Back to my original problem: how do you change your name in the game, once you’ve set it?

I searched through every menu and option in the game, with no luck. I tried randomly tapping the screen. I asked nicely. I asked the in-game chat. I talked on the microphone to other players. Finally, in desperation, I tested out asking Customer Services as well to see if they could help.

The end result? Right now, you can’t change your name, but it’s an upcoming feature.

PUBG Mobile name change feature

Tencent Gaming is a Chinese company, and the game is being updated in China a little faster than the worldwide version. In the Chinese version of the game, update v0.4.0 includes a ‘Name ID’ card which you’re able to use once to change your name. (Note we originally said once per day, but users aren’t seeing that).

Update: Version 0.4.0 is now out, which brings with it an Update Reward to collect, which includes the ID badge, just as we see in the Chinese version screenshot above. The Rename Card, as it is called, allows you to change your name once per day. Hallelujah!

How to get more BP to pay for an appearance change

At the moment you can’t buy BP in the app, only earn it. Buying BP isn’t yet a ‘feature’ in the game, with the monetization around the in-game currency used for unlocking creates, which is similar to just about every free-to-play game that’s out there at the moment. The current purchasing options are a little strange.

In the meantime, if you need BP, there are lots of ways to do this in the game.

The biggest one we’ve found so far is linking your account to Facebook, which grants you 2000BP. Given the privacy concerns with Facebook right now, you might have some hesitations on hitting that one, but it’s up to you.

There are also many other small tasks to keep you busy that will unlock BP. For example, a feedback survey was offered via the mailbox to complete for 188BP. That’s an easy one.

For most of the others, you’ll have to keep playing regularly. There are daily and weekly missions to complete which help you unlock crates, which have BP on offer. These can be as simple as playing a game for the day, all the way to managing to finish in the top 10. Some are easy, some will require a little more work and effort.

By playing the game you’ll unlock more crates, and get more loot and BP. There are also Events, which are often more time-based and quite generous. You can get 200BP just by playing three games in a squad, or logging in each day for a week. Spend that BP on cosmetic items like clothes, or save up to change your appearance.

For top-tier players, there’s also a ranking system that lasts across a season, with skill tiers and unique cosmetic rewards for your rank. Seasons currently last about two months, and there’s plenty of time to make your way through the ranks.

There are numerous online sites that talk about hacks and cheats to get BP – we’d suggest that this will likely lead to losing your account in the end. Remember when everyone who wall-hacked Fortnite was banned? Good times.

We’ll keep this post updated once the name-changing update comes through. Until then, watch out for TristanRayner on the EU servers!