The Prince of Persia franchise is among the most popular in the gaming community. Originally made in 1989, the game had a lot of success stories for both its PC and gaming console titles. However, as far as the mobile platform is concerned, the franchise started poorly due to its Java-based application. Recently, Ubisoft launched an iPhone version of Prince of Persia, which received good reviews from its users. Now Ubisoft is planning to take on Android devices.

Android users from all around the world can now purchase their own Prince of Persia Classic game from Google Play. The good thing about this particular game is that it will be available for devices running Android version 2.2 and above. Suffice to say that a large part of the Android community from all around the world will be able to enjoy themselves with this game.

Those were born in the the 1990s might not have the recollection of playing the original Prince of Persia, as the original title was produced in 1989. Those who are familiar with the classic game might be in for a surprise with some enhancements. Rather than getting the original 1989 graphics, Ubisoft decided to improve the overall design of the game. Nevertheless, most of the original elements, have been preserved, such as the game’s storyline.

Some of the features that are available on the Android game include multiple gaming modes, revive feature, enhanced graphics, as well as the integration with Papaya Mobile. This lets users post their achievements or check the leaderboards from gamers all around the world.

Prince of Persia Classic for Android sells for only $2.99. However, we can expect in-app purchase capability, such as those available in the iOS variant. Do let us know what you think about this new release in the comments section below.

Costea Lestoc
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