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Poll: Did a pre-order/trade-in deal change your mind about buying a phone?

Have you been swayed by a pre-order deal or trade-in offer?
February 10, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S22 Bora Purple Hero
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Competition is stiff in the smartphone space, so it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to try and entice prospective customers with generous trade-in deals and pre-order bonuses.

Has a pre-order bonus or trade-in deal changed your mind about buying a smartphone, though? That’s the topic of our featured poll today, so give us your answer by voting below.

Did a preorder/trade-in deal change your mind about buying a phone?

657 votes

We can understand if more than a few of you ended up buying a phone after seeing a generous trade-in deal or nifty pre-order bonus. After all, a healthy trade-in offer or extra goodies could be the difference maker between two similarly great smartphones.

Then again, some of you might not care at all about these perks because you simply don’t care for the phone in question to begin with. On the other end of the spectrum, you might not care about the perks because you always planned to get the handset anyway (regardless of bonuses).