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You can pre-register for Rayark's rhythm game Cytus II on the Play Store (Update: Out now!)

Cytus II should be just as enjoyable on Android as it is on iOS. However, we still do not know how much it will cost and when you can actually download it.

Published onMarch 8, 2018


Update (03/08/18): Cytus II is now available on the Play Store. The game currently goes for $1.39, but that will go up to $1.99 once this sale period ends.

The base game includes 30 different tracks, each with three difficulties. You can buy three other DJs for $9.99 each, with the prices in line with the iOS version’s price structure.

Interestingly, Cytus II on Android includes Cherry, a DJ that is unavailable in the iOS version. We are not sure if the character is an Android-exclusive, or if she will eventually be available on iOS. Either way, Cytus II on Android has a small leg up on content relative to its iOS counterpart.

You can pick up the game at the link below.

Original article: Known for making rhythm games with catchy music and striking visuals, independent Taiwanese studio Rayark announced Cytus II is available for pre-registration on the Play Store. If there was any mobile rhythm game to pre-register for, it would be this one.

As with other mobile rhythm titles, Cytus II has you tap, tap and hold, and swipe your way to the end of each song. What separates Cytus II from others is its horizontal line which scrolls faster or slower, depending on the tempo. The system can make things tricky when rapidly tapping complicated chains of notes in quick succession. However, each song has three difficulty modes to choose from, so you can get used to the mechanics over time.

Speaking of songs, there are five DJs to choose from. Each DJ specializes in a certain theme and features at least 10 songs. For example, ROBO_Head features songs that would not be out of place in a techno-infused night club, while ConneR features a classical-oriented set.

Each DJ also has a storyline that intertwines with the other DJs, though can ignore them and just enjoy Cytus II for its music and gameplay. You must dive into the “IM” part of the game to unlock songs and difficulty levels, however.

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Cytus II is not a free-to-play affair. It costs $3 on iOS and includes three of the five DJs. The remaining two DJs cost $10 each, bringing the total to $22 if you want the full experience. We have no reason to believe the pricing structure would differ on Android, but we will not know for sure until the game launches.

You can pre-register for Cytus II at the link below. In the meantime, if you want to download a rhythm game to tide you over, here’s our list of the 10 best rhythm games for Android for some suggestions.

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