Pokemon Go


  • Niantic announced that May’s Research Breakthrough in Pokémon Go will be Zapdos.
  • Fellow legendary Pokémon Moltres was the research reward up until now.
  • There is also speculation that Niantic will raise the game’s level cap, include a PvP mode, and more.

Niantic announced that Pokémon Go will soon feature new Field Research tasks and a legendary reward for those who finish a Research Breakthrough.

Starting May 1 at 4:00 p.m. ET, the popular mobile game will include new Field Research quests that focus on flying- and electric-type Pokémon, along with new skill-based tasks. These tasks could be similar to existing ones, which require players to make five great throws or land three curveballs in a row.

Once you complete Field Research tasks on seven different days, known as a Research Breakthrough, you will encounter Zapdos, one of the three legendary bird Pokémon from the first generation.

Research Breakthroughs were added alongside Field Research tasks late March in an effort to spruce things up for players. In addition to the aforementioned tasks, Field Research includes catching three of a specific type of Pokémon and winning three Gym battles.

Players gather different Field Research tasks at PokéStops, though enough completed tasks gave them a chance to capture Moltres as a Research Breakthrough. Interestingly, the Research Breakthrough did not change from week to week. This led to speculation that Niantic might update the rewards each month.

That speculation was seemingly confirmed with today’s announcement, though we will wait until June to be sure.

Level cap, PvP mode, and more

In related news, Twitter user PokemonDoctorYT reportedly spoke with Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight and learned of some key future plans for Pokémon Go.

To start, the alleged conversation revealed that Niantic plans to increase Pokémon Go’s level cap at some point. The game’s level cap is currently 40, though the inclusion of Field Research tasks and additional Pokémon makes the grind easier than it was when the game first launched.

Other tidbits from the alleged conversation include making maps more raid-friendly, the eventual inclusion of fourth-generation Pokémon and a PvP mode, balancing the game, introducing new items, and taking actions against spoofers.

More significant was alleged talk of players once again being able to request PokéStops. Niantic previously offered the option to request PokéStops before eventually taking it down, so here is hoping that the feature does not get abused in some way.

Finally, Hanke allegedly confirmed plans for a second Pokémon Go Fest event. The first Pokémon Go Fest event took place in Chicago, and to say it was a dumpster fire would be a compliment. The situation was so bad that several attendees filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic.

Here is hoping that Niantic makes the necessary adjustments to make this alleged second Pokémon Go Fest event a successful one.

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