pokemon go

When will Pokémon Go be released in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world?

According to sources cited by Wall Street Journal, it will be “within a few days.” No further details have been revealed about the availability of the game that took the US by storm.

Pokémon Go launched last Wednesday in Australia and New Zealand, and the US quickly followed. However, Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company seem to have underestimated how many people would take up the game, which involves moving through the physical world in search of pokémon and related items.

High demand caused server issues for a lot of players, and, by late Friday the developers of Pokémon Go announced that they would temporarily stop the rollout.

If the WSJ is correct, aspiring Pokémon hunters in Europe, Japan and other regions could start playing as soon as this week.

Meanwhile, the early popularity of Pokémon Go has spurred a massive rally in the stock price of Nintendo. The market valuation of the venerable gaming company, which partially owns The Pokémon Company, spiked nearly $9 billion since Pokémon Go was launched, up to nearly $28 billion. The reason why investors are so excited is because Nintendo has its own mobile games in the pipeline and its fate is seen as depending on their success.

Pokémon Go already managed to get thousands of people off the couch. But playing the game has also got some users into trouble: people found dead bodies, some got robbed, and others were confused for drug dealers by the police, all while playing the game.