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What is Pluto.TV

Pluto.TV is a video aggregation service that finds interesting video content on the web and allows you to follow and watch it. It utilizes a familiar and interesting user interface that is reminiscent of your standard TV guide. It’s currently free to use with no in app purchases.

Here’s how it works. You open the application and you’ll see what looks like a TV guide. There are “channels” that you can tune into that show you content relevant to that channel’s name. For instance, you can find tech news from various tech sources or music channels from various artists. You simply “tune in” to that station and it begins playing video. Then you can set up your device somewhere and have what is essentially a little TV.

The interface will be familiar to most people but it does feel incomplete in some ways. There isn’t a settings menu so you can’t change anything. That means if a setting like the push notifications bother you then you can’t do anything about it. The functionality is cool but it’s also somewhat limited. We would’ve liked to have seen more features. The service also only pulls from a select few sources for right now so you’ll see a lot of content from the same sources without much variance.

PlutoTV review

It's like YouTube and television had a baby.


You can tune into 'channels' that play the kind of content you like much like a television.
Simple, familiar interface is easy to use and looks really good.
For most, videos will play well and there is an HD/SD option to turn down the resolution if your internet speed is slower.
Free to use with no in app purchases.


No settings menu, no option to do things like select favorite stations or search for content. It really bottlenecks the experience.
Some people have had issues playing video. It's not widespread but that may be a problem you run into.

Bottom Line

Overall, Pluto.TV is a pretty fun little application. It does fall short here and there but it’s also a new application and we hope more things get added in the future. If you’re interested, the app is free to use with no in app purchases for right now.

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