What is Tingz.Me?

Tingz.Me is an application that helps you discover applications. According to the app description, it’s an app discovery platform that tailors its recommendations based on what you search for and what you like. It’s free to use with no in app purchases.

Here’s how it works. You download the application, open it, and it’ll show you a cursory set of recommendations. Then the app will work in the background as you live your life and occasionally toss you more apps that may be of use to you based on your interests. It’s a classic “fire and forget” kind of app in that it does most of the work while you’re not paying any attention to it.

During our testing, the app seemed to work pretty well. I installed it on my test device which is a veritable hodgepodge of apps and games and it seemed to toss out recommendations based on those things. For instance, I reviewed a lock screen app earlier this week and one of the recommendations was for another lock screen app and for Dashclock, a widget that goes on your lock screen. That means the service does work but you do need to give it time to figure things out. Especially if you’re like and you install a lot of apps or you have a lot of interests.

TingzMe screenshot review

Let it find some apps for you.


Recommendation system based on your searches and installed apps works fairly well a good amount of the time.
Free to use with no in app purchases.
Very simple to use. Just open the app and forget about it. Check back every now and then for new recommendations.
Over time, you may find quite a few useful apps.


It has a slow start and its easy to turn away from it early on. Initially, it only recommended four apps to me.
The interface is a little simple but it's also a little bit dated. Not a horrible thing but things like app icons appear in low resolution and that's just sloppy.

Bottom Line

Overall, Tingz.Me is a fun little app to have. It won’t change your life and it doesn’t compare to the Google Play Store in most cases. However, with all the apps on the Play Store, it does get hard to find stuff you like once you’ve exhausted all the most popular options. It’s free to use with no in app purchases so it can’t hurt to try it out.

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