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Poll results: You're deeply split on the Pixel Fold, and pricing is the reason

It sounds like the Pixel Fold isn't quite a slam-dunk product for Android Authority readers.

Published onMay 26, 2023

Google Pixel Fold on hand 1
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

The Google Pixel Fold finally launched earlier this month, marking the company’s first foray into the foldable phone arena.

We asked Android Authority readers at the time for their thoughts on the Pixel Fold as well as its $1,799 price tag. Well, the poll results are in, and here’s what you told us.

Pixel Fold: Hot or Not?

Is $1,799 too much for the Pixel Fold?


In our first poll, we simply asked readers whether they thought the Pixel Fold was “hot” or “not.” And it turns out that opinions were deeply divided here. Roughly 52% of the nearly 2,000 voters thought the foldable was hot, compared to ~48% who gave it a thumbs down.

One reader left a comment in this poll article, noting that the device was simply too expensive, particularly in Europe. And speaking of price, our second poll asked whether you thought $1,799 was simply too much for the Fold.

Just over 1,000 votes were cast, and the results show that ~89% of polled readers think the Pixel Fold is simply too expensive at this price point. By comparison, roughly 11% thought the price was fine. Either way, it seems like the asking price is the chief reason why polled readers soured on the Fold in the first place.


  • Egemen Candir: Pre-ordered Pixel 6 Pro user and long time Android user here: Pixel Fold is a f-ugly bezelled f-expensive of a foldable phone that doesn’t open 180 degrees, that has questionable reliability. Make it $1400 and it’d be worth considering. Add the Pixel watch at $1400 and it’ll be a good buy.
  • fearlessferret: These are “I know I’m getting an overall inferior product for an absurdly silly price” niche products, so it’s very difficult to form a sound opinion on the actual value, and therefore I do not feel comfortable voting in this poll. On a basic level, you can buy 3 or more phones that have the same SoC for the same price, so if you just want to get work done, then it’s obviously overpriced. But if a niche form factor really means a lot to you, then it could be seen as a great value.
  • eszklar: $1799 USD is par for the course for a book-style foldable compared to the Samsung Fold and other Foldables. Is it expensive, yes, but if it can be mitigated by trade-ins then that could work. But this is a Gen. 1 Google product and Samsung has gone through 4 iterations of the Fold and soon 5 with the Fold 5. I do like the OPPO Find N2 style to the Google Fold. Not sold in Canada where I live though, so its a bit moot for me personally.
  • Thomas guide: There are many people with more money than brains I’m sure someone will buy this overpriced monstrosity.
  • daftrok: Considering Pixel loves to treat their customers as live beta testers, I ain’t touching this product until they are at least 3 or 4 iterations in.
  • Shizuma: Yup, it’s too much, but at the same time so is the Z Fold, and between the two I’d vastly prefer the Pixel Fold due to a much better shape than the super tall and skinny profile of the Z Fold and it has proper bezels on the inside to hold onto and put the inner camera so there isn’t the awful compromise of putting it under the screen.

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