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What does the Google Pixel Buds Pro warranty cover?

Google's warranty covers some issues but not all of them.

Published onMay 3, 2023

pixel buds pro outside case 2
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are among the best noise canceling earbuds money can buy, but not every batch is perfect. That’s where Google’s limited warranty comes in. Let’s go over the Pixel Buds warranty period, including what Google covers and what it doesn’t cover.


The Pixel Buds come with a limited one-year warranty that begins on the purchase date. Google's hardware warranty covers the buds and case from material and workmanship defects under normal use for a year.


What does the Pixel Buds warranty cover?

A hand holds the Google Pixel Buds Pro case open.
Lily Katz / Android Authority

The Pixel Buds warranty period lasts one year from the purchase date, and it falls under the Google Consumer Hardware Limited Warranty. This states that a new Google product is defect-free in material and workmanship under normal use for one year from the original purchase date. To be eligible for protection, you must have purchased your Pixel Buds Pro in its original retail packaging from an authorized retailer.

When you file a claim, and the warranty covers the defect, Google will either repair your Pixel Buds Pro, replace them, or accept a return in exchange for a refund. If Google repairs or replaces your Pixel Buds Pro, the replaced or refurbished items will fall under the original warranty period. In other words, you don’t get an extended warranty for the new Pixel Buds parts.

The Google Consumer Hardware Limited Warranty for the US and Canada does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Accidents.
  • Misuse (including failure to follow product documentation).
  • Neglect.
  • Disassembly.
  • Alterations.
  • Servicing other than by Google-authorized technicians.
  • External causes like liquid damage, exposure to sharp objects, and exposure to excessive force.

Is there a warranty for the refurbished Pixel Buds Pro?

If you purchased the refurbished Pixel Buds Pro from an authorized dealer, the warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the original purchase date. When you file a claim, Google will replace the product or perform an in-warranty repair at Google or an authorized partner.

Can you get an extended warranty for the Pixel Buds Pro?

You can not purchase a Pixel Buds Pro extended warranty through Google, but you have other options. Many retailers offer extended protection plans for electronic devices.


When you purchase electronics through Amazon, you can typically check a box in the bottom-right corner that details a few protection plans. In the case of the Pixel Buds Pro, Amazon partners with Asurion for a three-year or two-year protection plan. Asurion’s three-year plan covers repairs, parts, labor, and transport. Like Google’s limited warranty, Asurion’s begins on the date of purchase.

You can file a claim online, and most are approved immediately. If Asurion cannot complete a repair, it will send replacement Pixel Buds or an Amazon gift card matching the purchase price.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection service has a portable audio protection plan for headphones that covers the following:

  • Accidental damage.
  • Parts and labor costs.
  • Failure from normal wear and tear.
  • Power surge damage.

If you sell your headphones or gift them to a friend, you can transfer the protection to that person at no additional charge. Geek Squad Protection services don’t cover loss or theft of earbuds. The cost of a Geek Squad Protection service varies depending on the product’s price. For example, the site lists that a two-year protection plan will cost $49.99 to cover headphones that cost $199.99.

Credit card extended warranties

Credit cards and debit cards stock photo
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Some credit cards offer an extended warranty that will cover your electronics, yes, including the Pixel Buds. Be aware that when filing a claim, you’ll typically need to go through the payment network (i.e. American Express or Mastercard), rather than the card issuer (i.e. Chase or Citi bank). At a minimum, you’ll usually need to provide the following to use extended warranty coverage through your credit card:

  • The original receipt.
  • A credit card statement detailing the purchase.
  • A copy of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can you buy a replacement Pixel Buds Pro earbud or case?

Google Pixel Buds Pro warranty earbud replacement 1
Lily Katz / Android Authority

In the US, you can buy a replacement Pixel Buds Pro earbud for $70 per earbud (not including tax). You also have the option to purchase a replacement charging case for $70, and replacement ear tips for $12. The US is the only region that allows Pixel Buds Pro owners to replace the case. All other regions can only purchase a replacement earbud or set of ear tips.


Yes, the Pixel Buds are covered under a one-year consumer hardware limited warranty.

No, Google offers Preferred Care for its Pixel phones and Pixelbooks but not for the Pixel Buds.

There is no definite number regarding how many days or years your Pixel Buds will last. However, they can’t last forever: the battery cells degrade over time. After regular use, it’s common for wireless earbuds to stop holding a significant charge around the two-year mark.

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