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Fitbit app may help turn Pixel 8 Pro's thermometer from gimmick to novelty

The Fitbit app may be preparing to use the Pixel 8 Pro's thermometer.

Published onDecember 8, 2023

Google Pixel 8 Pro back
Adamya Sharma / Android Authority
  • An APK teardown of the Fitbit app reveals strings seemingly related to the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer.
  • The teardown suggests that body temperature measurements will sync automatically and show up on the app.
  • The Fitbit app would be able to track your body temperature over time with graphs.

Before the Pixel 8 Pro launched, there were leaks showing the phone’s thermometer being used to measure body temperature. After launching, however, Google said the sensor wasn’t approved for that use, but it submitted an application to the FDA to get that approval. While it’s unknown if or when the temperature sensor will be approved for human use, it appears the Fitbit app is preparing for that day.

An APK teardown helps predict features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code. However, it is possible that such predicted features may not make it to a public release.

Discovered by 9to5Google, a teardown of the Fitbit app version 4.06.7 reveals strings of code seemingly related to the Pixel 8 Pro thermometer. Specifically, the code mentions “your phone’s thermometer” sharing data with the Fitbit app.

Choose if you want to let Fitbit save and store body temperature data to your Fitbit profile. Once you tap save, your phone’s thermometer will start sharing data with Fitbit, including this and all future results unless you stop sharing.

Based on the discovery, it seems Google is working on allowing the Fitbit app to sync with the temperature sensor. Users would then be able to choose whether or not they want the sensor to automatically share data with the app. You would also reportedly be able to “manually log your results in Fitbit” as well.

The outlet adds that users would be required to sign in with a Google account to use the feature. Once activated, the Fitbit app would be able to track your body temperature over time with graphs.

Such a feature would make the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer much more useful than it currently is. But we’ll have to wait and see if the feature is ever fully realized.

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