• The leaked prototype of the Google Pixel 3 “Lite” model continues to show up on the internet.
  • Russian site Wylsa posted several images of the Pixel 3 Lite next to other, already-released smartphones.
  • Size-wise, the Pixel 3 Lite appears bigger than the Pixel 3 but smaller than the Pixel 3 XL.

Ten days ago, a prototype model of the allegedly upcoming Google Pixel 3 “Lite” hit the internet. The device appears to be a mid-range variant of the high-end Google Pixel 3 lineup launched in October this year.

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Now, via Russian site Wylsa, we have photos of the leaked Google Pixel 3 Lite prototype next to other smartphones, giving us a better idea of its size and how it looks compared to other phones.

Size-wise, the Pixel 3 Lite appears to be a middle-of-the-road model when it comes to the Pixel 3 lineup, in that it seems larger than the Pixel 3 but smaller than the Pixel 3 XL. You can also see the Pixel 3 Lite appears larger than the iPhone XS but smaller than the iPhone XR.

Check out the collection of pics below.

What do you think from the photos? Does the Google Pixel 3 Lite stack up against the competition, or is it easy to tell it’s a cheaper, mid-range device. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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