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You told us: Here's how big is too big for you when it comes to phone screens

Anything beyond 6.5-inch displays is too big for our readers.

Published onSeptember 1, 2022

Galaxy S22 Ultra Noted Wallpaper 3.1
Zarif Ali / Android Authority

A smartphone with a display over six inches is a common occurrence these days, but there are still some OEMs offering smaller phones for those who prefer a more compact form factor. You have the iPhone SE with its 4.7-inch screen, the Pixel 5 with the 5-inch display, the Zenfone 9 with a 5.9-inch panel, and more. While these options exist, small phones are surely a dying breed.

Manufacturers mostly prefer making big phones because the market demands the same. So we asked our readers how big is too big a screen for them. Here’s how they voted in our poll.

How big is too big when it comes to smartphone screen size?


We received over 2,000 votes in our smartphone screen size poll, and most people feel a handset with a 7-inch display is simply too big for them. 35% of the respondents said they think 7-inch phones are too much to handle.

Interestingly, 25% of our readers also felt that 6.5-inch phones are also too big for them and 19% said that they don’t like phones that go as big as 6.7-inches. Those are pretty common display sizes these days. In fact screens of that size are found on some of the most popular phones right now, including the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (6.6-inch screen), Pixel 6 Pro (6.7-inches), OnePlus 10 Pro (6.7-inches), and more.

Then there were readers (14%) who think that even a 6-inch display is big for a phone. Here’s what our poll takers had to say about their preferences.

Your Comments

Matt L.: I used to fit a 7″ Nexus tablet in my pocket and that had bezels. I don’t care if I can’t use it one-handed – I want more screen real estate, but it has to be 16×9 to match most video content.

farawayplace: No more rolling edges, Samsung. It is a waste. I feel like I am getting ripped off, while it damages more easily. Keep the screen flat.

Brian Fowler: I’m perfectly fine with my 6.8″ Ultra. But if I had my preference, we’d still have 16X9 screens and be around the 6″ mark. As long as we are keeping these taller/narrower, I think I could live with 7″.

Jeremias Helminen: I have Mate 20X and i could definitely take a little bigger display/ phone. Why there is no option 7,5 inch or more? No more rolling edges SAMSUNG here either!

Evie: Only chose 7+ because there wasn’t a bigger option. Currently choosing a new phone, 6.5 is the absolute minimum I would go. Trying to decide between 6.7 or 7. I don’t even consume video on my phone, I primarily do a lot of searching and research on my phone and then send the links to my Chromebook. A big phone is just super convenient for me.

JL T0x: I’ve learned to appreciate a larger screen since the Samsung Note3. but I understand that there are limits when it comes to handling a big hulking phone constantly. the larger the screen, the heavier the device. and there are other compromises. I chose my Fold2 over the Note20 Ultra mostly bc of the larger screen option & similar premium features & cameras aren’t important to me. I prefer anything with a 7+ inch screen as long as it can be folded to a smaller size.

Wongwatt: I voted 6.5 though my current phone has a 6.55 curved display. I don’t like phones that are above 160ish mm in height so my vote is based on that.

roaduardo: For a non-Spen-enabled smartphone? I think 6.4inches should top out. Any phone with a built-in S-Pen, IMO, can be up to 7inches since you don’t have to use it one-handed and using a stylus, just my view, is far superior than using your finger.

Joe Black: For me, anything above 6″ is too big for comfort. Right now I am using Pixel 6 Pro, and I still do not like the size.

Sophia: This is a strange poll, especially in light of the new foldable versions. As long as the phone can be held comfortably in a (large) pocket, I don’t care what the screen size is when unfolded.

Mega DP: I would rock a 7″ phone in a heartbeat. Why not add an option that says “There’s no such thing as a phone that’s too big?”

JK: I’d like a 5.5 – 5.9 inch flat screen, preferably without holes or notches or curved corners.

Albin: My first smartphone was a 3.5″ LG that amazed me with its extra functionality, so I got an 8″ tablet and so ever since. The tablet rarely leaves home and is the go-to screen for all but basic communication, while the phone is for pocketable size and weight on the go – for a long time I thought 5″ was my upper limit. The advent of 18:9 really changed the diagonals game: my current 6″ Moto is just a little longer with identical W and D to the 5″ it replaced. I keep an eye on folder format to unify the two-device habit but overpriced and screen durability in doubt so far.

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