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We asked, you told us: Surprisingly, a lot of people still talk on the phone

The results are actually surprising: A lot of people still talk on the phone quite frequently.

Published onSeptember 14, 2019

HUAWEI P30 Pro on a call

With texting, messaging through a service, video chatting, and video messaging being so popular, calling someone on the phone seems like an ancient way to communicate.

Well, for some people. Personally, I enjoy talking on the phone more than I do sending a quick message. Holding a conversation with someone and being able to hear their voice is much more personal. It might be a slower, less convenient way to communicate, but I feel it’s easier to get my point across and to find out what the other person wants when I can hear their voice.

Many of us seem to have differing opinions on the matter though, which is why we asked you last week how often you make phone calls. Surprisingly, the results are pretty much split into thirds.

How often do you make phone calls?


Out of almost 1,000 votes, 32.8% of voters said they never talk on the phone, 31.3% said they only talk on the phone sometimes, while 35.9% said they actually talk on the phone all the time.

To me, these results are surprising. I feel like I’m the only one in my group of friends and family that likes talking on the phone.

Noteworthy comments

Here are some of the best comments from last week’s poll explaining why they voted the way that they did:

  • What can be said in a short phone call may take multiple texts or a long email. I make phone calls every once in a while instead of more often due to the lag time while talking so it sometimes sound like you’re talking over each other. Would make more calls if there was no lag like on a landline.
  • The vast majority of calls I get are spam calls. I initiate calls maybe once during any given week.
  • I do 5 to 10 calls a day, and some of them are conference calls lasting up to an hour. Call quality is very important, which is why I appreciate phones that sound rich and natural. I do text a lot, maybe 20 to 30 messages a day, but there are situations where I prefer a call. Plus, I have one friend that I don’t see much anymore because she’s busy with work when not in school, and I just like to hear her voice now and then instead of texting.
  • I hate talking on the phone, but there gets a point where a conversation is getting so complicated that talking is more natural, faster, and easier to understand than any textual method (I include email in this).
  • I think this was the most relevant feature on a phone until the release of apps, like facebook, messenger, whatsapp, telegram, etc…. i think only important people will still use this feature like lawyers, business people and so on… i don’t use it anymore.

That’s it for this week, everyone. As always, thanks for voting, thanks for the comments, and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the results below!

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