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Does Catalyst Black have controller support?

Will your controller work? Yes, but...

Published onJanuary 20, 2023

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Being able to play a game in the way you are most familiar with can make a big difference. For some, playing certain games with a controller or mouse and keyboard is more comfortable than using mobile on-screen controls. For others, playing those games is more comfortable with those on-screen controls. When figuring out your optimal playstyle, monitoring the available control options for any game is a must. So, what are the available control options for Catalyst Black? Does Catalyst Black have controller support?

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To use a controller with Catalyst Black, open Bluetooth settings on your device. On your controller, enter pairing mode. Find your controller in the Bluetooth menu on your device, then pair it. After connecting your controller to your device, enter a match in Catalyst Black to start using your controller.


Does Catalyst Black have controller support?

There are a few things you should know before trying to play Catalyst Black with a controller.

The first is that, yes, Catalyst Black does support Bluetooth controllers. If your Bluetooth controller can connect to your mobile device, it will work with Catalyst Black. The primary problem is that the buttons are a bit finicky. In our testing, the right trigger on the Xbox Series X controller—which is supposed to trigger your primary weapon—did not do anything. In fact, none of our available buttons activated our primary weapon.

Amazon Luna Review Controller vs Nintendo Switch Controller vs Sony DualSense Controller
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

The second thing you should note is that you cannot control and navigate the game entirely from your controller. You will still need to use the touchscreen because the controller only works during matches. To navigate the menus, you will still need to use the on-screen controls.

We recommend you use the on-screen controls for Catalyst Black. If your experience is different, and you can get your primary weapon and primal form working on your controller, then by all means, go for it. However, in our testing, neither of these functions worked on our controller.

How to connect a Bluetooth controller to your mobile device

Pairing your gaming controller with your mobile device will allow you to use it with Catalyst Black. To do this wirelessly, it must have Bluetooth enabled.

Turn on Pairing Mode on your Bluetooth controller. For official Xbox Series X controllers, you must press and hold the sync button at the top of the controller until the Xbox logo on the front begins flashing.

pair controller
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On your device, go to Bluetooth settings within your Settings menu. Look for available devices to pair to, then tap on the name of your gaming controller.

pair controller via settings
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

How to use a Bluetooth controller with Catalyst Black

Okay, so you’ve paired your gamepad to your device. Nice! Your next step is to learn how to use it with Catalyst Black.

At first, after opening the game, you may notice that your controller isn’t responding. This is normal, as controller functionality will not activate until you enter a game.

How to get your controller to respond in Catalyst Black

To get your controller to respond, open the game on your phone and tap the PLAY button.

play button catalyst
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Choose any mode, then tap the PLAY button.

start a mode
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Once you’ve entered a match, switch to your controller. It will respond, and you can maneuver your character around and play using your controller.

In Catalyst Black? No. Catalyst Black does not allow you to remap controller controls.


Move around the map = Left Joystick

Aim weapon = Right Joystick

Primary = ???

Heavy = RB

Ability = X

Dodge = A / LB

Transform into Primal = ???

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