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OPPO Reno4: Equipped with a smart sensor from the future

Phones are finally reaching their full AI potential, and the OPPO Reno4 packs futuristic smarts into a midrange body.

Published onAugust 3, 2020

reno4 cat

Artificial intelligence used to be a futuristic villain in films that sought to take over the world. Now, it’s in almost every pocket around the world. But what has changed to bring AI into the modern era? OPPO has been refining its technology for years, and it’s all come to a head with the Reno4.

People are more connected than ever, but that also means that there are more opportunities for your data to be compromised. OPPO’s Reno4 puts data protection at the forefront of your user experience thanks to a brand new AI-enhanced smart sensor. Ready to find out just how smart it is? Let’s explore.

For your eyes only

reno4 display

Secret agents receive classified missions all the time, but the Reno4’s AI-enhanced Smart Sensor helps to make that idea a reality. It uses Smart Spying Protection when a notification appears to identify your face and only displays in-depth information when nobody else is looking. Your notifications don’t have to be life or death, but it makes planning a surprise party around your friends that much easier.

All it takes is a little bit of facial recognition and the Reno4 can determine just how much information to provide. Using a low-power sensor, the Reno4 can use recognition logic to decide how many faces are looking at the screen.

If just one face is detected — and it’s the face of the device owner — the Reno4 will display all of the information. When it detects multiple faces, the Reno4 will display that the notification has arrived but it won’t provide more information.

The smartest experience around

reno4 puzzle

The Reno4’s smart sensor does so much more than make you feel like a secret agent. OPPO has figured out ways to make the sensor useful across most aspects of daily life. One such trick is the introduction of Smart AirControl. No, it won’t turn you into an airbender, but it will make it possible to control your device using gestures.

Whether you’re eating greasy pizza and you want to avoid making a mess or you work with gloves on in this COVID 19 world, the Reno4 allows for a smooth hands-free experience. It’s even possible to answer a phone call without ever touching your device.

The Reno4’s Smart Rotation feature is another perfect example of how helpful AI can be. Sometimes you just want to lay in bed and scroll through your phone, but the screen keeps rotating. Sure, your phone just wants to be helpful, but the Reno4 takes it a step further by using the smart sensor to only rotate when needed.

When you lay in bed with your phone, the Reno4 will stay rotation locked as long as your face and the phone screen line up. Using the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor, the Reno4 automatically detects the orientation of your face and rotates the screen to match.

Taking the futuristic user experience even further, the Reno4 uses a Smart Always On Display to keep the screen active for as long as you’re watching it. Whether you’re reading a long message or watching a video, as long as the Reno4 detects your face it won’t go to sleep. A special algorithm makes the sensor work effectively even in low light, so feel free to read in bed uninterrupted.

Bringing technology together

oppo reno4 picnic

The era of the feature phone has come and gone, and the era of the smartphone is evolving more and more with artificial intelligence. AI is an extremely broad term, however, and encompasses everything from gestures to a smart assistant like Cortana. As those smart assistants come to life in more and more devices, technology will continue to converge into a universal experience. An experience that’s powered by smart sensors much like the ones found in the OPPO Reno4.