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OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus X is now free of the necessary but notoriously unpopular invite system. Starting today you will now be able to buy a OnePlus X invite-free via the OnePlus store or on Amazon.

This is good news for OnePlus fans that have been having trouble getting ahold of an invite. While OnePlus introduced the invite system needs to manage inventory and not expose the company to unnecessary risk, the system has been unpopular since it first appeared. The OnePlus 2 went invite-free quite quickly after its launch and now the OnePlus X has followed suit.

I spoke with Carl Pei at the OnePlus X launch last year and he assured me that the company is well aware of how unpopular the invite system is, but that he couldn’t see it going away entirely for years to come.

Considering the razor-thin profit margin OnePlus operates under, anything the company must do to keep costs low and protect themselves is ultimately fine by me, but I’m even happier to know there are currently no OnePlus devices that require an invite. If you’re keen to pick one up, remember that OnePlus announced free standard shipping recently too.

What do you think about the invite system? Has it put you off buying a OnePlus device?

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