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We asked, you told us: OnePlus Oxygen OS 11 is unsurprisingly divisive

Most don't like OnePlus' new approach to Oxygen OS, but many are optimistic as well.

Published onOctober 12, 2020

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 rear panel in hand
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

A redesign of Oxygen OS was always going to be controversial. OnePlus spent too many years playing up the strengths of its “burdenless” approach for the company’s fans not to feel like any change, no matter how subtle, would be a betrayal to what had made its software successful in the first place. So when the first screenshots of Oxygen OS 11 started making their way online, OnePlus fans were understandably apprehensive.

Oxygen OS 11 represents a dramatic change for the company. The Oxygen OS you knew is gone. OnePlus has replaced it with something that has more in common with Samsung’s One UI than vanilla Android. Simultaneously, the company introduced features that OnePlus fans have been asking the company to add for years.

That’s why we asked you a few weeks ago what you think of the new Oxygen OS. Is OnePlus taking Oxygen OS in the right direction?

Is OnePlus taking Oxygen OS in the right direction?


More than 16,600 of you voted on how you feel about the direction OnePlus is taking Oxygen OS. As these things usually go, those most against the change made their presence felt in the comments. A few people had positive things to say about Oxygen OS 11, but most comments were negative. What’s interesting then is that the poll played out differently. While most respondents (38.3%) said they prefer OnePlus’ old stock-inspired design, almost just as many (36.4%) said they like the new approach. In absolute terms, the difference came out to just over 300 votes.

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A surprising number of respondents (25.3%) said they need to try the update before deciding how they feel about the direction of Oxygen OS. It will be interesting to see perspectives shift once people have had more time with Oxygen OS 11.

Here’s what you had to say

  • Chandler Burns: OnePlus is becoming the very thing they swore to destroy; first the Facebook bloatware and now this. I don’t have an issue with adding new features & functionality and integrating it with what already exists in Stock Android, but now Oxygen OS is starting to look like a weird hybrid of MIUI and One UI.
  • DBS: This is the first smart move I’ve seen from OnePlus. Samsung’s OneUI is by far the best Android UI, specially on this day and age of oversized smartphones. OnePlus did the right thing and copied from the best.
  • Igor Correa: OnePlus is simply destroying its own legacy. From Flagship Killer to wallet killer and from the best Android skin to MIUIsh ROM.
  • Tony Talks: I like the Always-on Display and one-handed mode but I just don’t want it at the cost of losing the software that I consider to be remarkable. I’m still going to update to 11 on my 6T but I’m fully prepared to leave Oneplus if I don’t like it.
  • randomdog: “It does look a bit like One UI. But that’s OK. They copied Samsung’s curved screens, punch hole camera…”

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for taking the time to vote and comment. If you have additional thoughts on either the original survey or the results, comment below.

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