oneplus one india

It’s official – the elusive OnePlus One will be hitting India from December 2, exclusively through the local branch of Amazon.

Last week, Amazon teased the “unbelievable” in a picture clearly showing the outline of the OnePlus One. Now the “unbelievable” materialized, and frankly everything is perfectly believable: the OnePlus One will sell through an invite system via Invites will be specific to India, meaning that invitations acquired by users in other countries won’t work.

Amazon and OnePlus will be seeding 1,000 invites across the internet, and users will need to get hold of one in order to purchase the device. One avenue that is already open is subscribing to OnePlus’ newsletter. Once the invites go out (by December 2), customers will have 48 hours to complete the purchase. Buyers will also get invitations to give away to friends.

It appears that only the Sandstone 64GB model will be available at launch. No details on the price of the device, but according to some Indian outlets, it could be Rs. 24,990 for the 64GB model and Rs. 19,990 for the 16GB model.

To celebrate the announcement, OnePlus and Amazon cooked up a little video starring Amazon’s India boss and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. Check it out:

Indian readers, will you be trying to buy a OnePlus One come December?

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