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We asked, you told us: The OnePlus Nord will be a worthy successor to OnePlus X

The votes are in and the results are in favor of the OnePlus Nord.

Published onJuly 6, 2020

oneplus nord first look rear

The OnePlus X was an experimental phone and the company’s co-founder Carl Pei admitted as much in a recent interview with Android Authority. But the OnePlus Nord is not a one-off mid-range device like its predecessor. OnePlus has made it clear that it intends to create line of affordable phones within the Nord range and that it’s hoping to reach a wide audience with the new phone(s).

OnePlus is also happy with what mid-range chipsets like the Snapdragon 765G have to offer. This is why unlike the OnePlus X, the OnePlus Nord series will not use an older flagship SoC. Will this make the first OnePlus Nord a boring phone? Well, we hope not. The new phone represents “New Beginnings” for OnePlus, which is aspiring to return to its roots of offering cheap, but feature-filled phones. Can the OnePlus Nord recreate the glory of the OnePlus X? Here’s what you had to say.

Will the OnePlus Nord be a worthy successor to the OnePlus X?

OnePlus Nord Vs OnePlus X Poll


We got a total of 7,813 responses to our poll question and the results are quite clear. Almost 60% of you, our readers, feel confident that the OnePlus Nord will be a worthy successor to the OnePlus X. From what you’ve seen and heard, you think the new OnePlus mid-range phone is every bit as good as its predecessor.

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However, more than 31% of our respondents want to know more about the OnePlus Nord before they can say it’s a good follow-up to the OnePlus X. There’s still a lot that rumors and leaks haven’t revealed about the upcoming phone. Details about the primary camera setup, the battery capacity, final price, and more are still under wraps, for example.

Then there’s a tiny — almost 9% — section of poll respondents who think the OnePlus X was way better for its time than anything the Nord has shown so far.

Many of your comments reflect the reason for your responses. You had very interesting things to say about both the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus X. Check out some of your comments below.

Here’s what you had to say

  • SiloNova: I loved my OnePlus X. Champagne gold. Had it 3 years but still looked and performed as fast as the day I first used it (the battery was depleting faster however due to age). The stainless steel border around the phone made it very durable. I can’t remember how many times I dropped it. Even dropped on concrete a few occasions and it still survived. Very underrated in my opinion.
  • Skifarterking: Not using the SD865 is just an excuse. realme which is the parent company of OnePlus released a 500$ phone with it, and from the leaked pictures they look quite similar. Don’t understand why they can’t do the same.
  • Rafael Carneiro: It’s easily a no-go because it isn’t a Oneplus X successor. The fact that it is yet another phablet and it’s called “Nord” and not X2, Y, X^2, proves my point. I can’t believe that one month or so ago, I actually thought they would release a €300, 5’5 inch sized smartphone with no notches or holes on the screen. I honestly hope the iPhone SE dominates the market hard, so the Android manufacturers finally release something other than a pocket tablet, or worse, a smaller phone that will get slow as a sloth just 2 years later. Until there I’ll keep using my Oneplus X.
  • Ciaran flood: They could’ve sacrificed other specs for the better processor and ensured a long-lasting cheap phone. Admittedly it’s not good for sales but could in the long run build more dedicated clientele.
  • Atif: Keeping flagship spec and options with a midrange chip certainly keeps the product in right place. Keeping flagship chip and removing spec and options of flagship will put the device in the bottom yet more expensive then midrange device.

The comments make it very clear that our readers are very passionate about this topic. It’s also certain that a lot of you admired the OnePlus X for its flagship chipset and wanted the OnePlus Nord to have one too.

However, as our own Hadlee Simons points out, it’s a tough balancing act to offer flagship Qualcomm silicon in 2020 and also provide features like an OLED screen, useful cameras, high refresh rate, storage, and RAM at the same time. Let’s hope OnePlus has done a decent job on all those fronts to make the OnePlus Nord a worthy OnePlus X successor.

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