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OnePlus One owners running OxygenOS that have been hoping to get a timely update to Android 5.1 will unfortunately have to wait a while longer. OnePlus has just issued a statement explaining that, since the team working on the update is so small, the company won’t have an OTA for the community build of OxygenOS for the One until after the OnePlus Two is released. While the company didn’t comment on the release date of its next smartphone this time around, previous reports have stated we can expect a OnePlus Two release sometime in Q3 (July-September).

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Due to the OnePlus/Cyanogen Inc. split up a few months ago, the OnePlus Two will run OxygenOS as its sole operating system. This makes it much more difficult for the company to release updates for its One handset, while also working towards the imminent release of the Two. There will also be an update hitting One devices soon that will supposedly take care of touchscreen issues, though no timeframe was given for the release.

Cyanogen OS 12.1, which is based off Android 5.1, is also in the works. OnePlus has a preview build that’s currently undergoing factory testing and Google certification, and should be rolling out sometime soon. We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear anything else from OnePlus in the future.

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