• OnePlus revealed that the OnePlus 9 series will get a two year warranty in China.
  • Representatives have now confirmed that this doesn’t apply to India or North America.

The OnePlus 9 series launch is but a few days away, and the company has been issuing a drip-feed of information in the run-up to the event. One of the more interesting nuggets shared by the company related to the range’s warranty.

CEO Pete Lau noted on Weibo earlier this week that the phones would offer a two year warranty, but it now turns out that this warranty is limited to China only. Check out the original, machine-translated post below.

“To answer your question on the below, the Weibo post was specific to China,” a OnePlus North American representative told Android Authority in response to an emailed query. So what about the Indian market, where OnePlus enjoys a massive following?

“OnePlus continues to provide one year warranty for free to users based on industry standard, and options for extended warranty for any users who are interested,” a OnePlus India representative told us.

It’s worth noting that two year warranties are mandatory for devices in Europe, so consumers in this region will be covered by law. But Indian and North American consumers will be left in the cold compared to Europe and China.