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OnePlus 6 includes seamless updates to compliment its stock Android-like OS

Seamless updates allow devices to download and install Android updates in the background.
May 25, 2018
An image of the OnePlus 6 held out in a person's left hand with the screen on.
  • The OnePlus 6 is the first phone from the company to support seamless updates.
  • This is a feature first introduced on Android Nougat that lets users download and install Android updates in the background.
  • It’s another core feature ensuring that the OnePlus 6 delivers a stock Android-like experience.

The OnePlus 6 is the company’s first phone to support seamless updates (as spotted by Android Police). While the feature may not grab as much attention as the handset’s shiny glass build or the divisive display notch, it’s something you won’t find on flagship devices from Android heavyweights like Samsung or LG.

Seamless updates were introduced with Android Nougat and can now be found on phones from the likes of Sony, Google, and Motorola. They allow Android updates to not only be downloaded, but also installed, in the background.

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This means supported phones never have to go through the — sometimes lengthy — process of installing updates where they become temporarily unusable. Instead, once the installation is complete, users just have to reboot their device.

OnePlus phones typically offer an experience close to stock Android — and the inclusion of seamless updates is just another part of that. By keeping the bells and whistles to a minimum, and including fundamentals like seamless updates and the stock-like Oxygen OS, OnePlus is able to provide a system that we called the “closest thing to Nexus outside of Pixel” in our OnePlus 6 review.

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