OnePlus has never found it important to keep its upcoming smartphones a secret.

Remember the days before the OnePlus 2 was announced? The company slowly revealed the OnePlus 2 on the internet, announcing a new feature of the phone every week until it was officially announced. That left little to the imagination when we finally got the full rundown of the device.

Jumping back to present day and the OnePlus 5 is almost here. And even though we’re not getting a new detail straight from the company every couple of days, we still know a lot about this phone already. Even what it’s going to look like.

A few days ago, a new high-res image of the OnePlus 5 surfaced, showing off the dual-camera setup, mute switch, and general look of the top half of the device. But instead of pretending like that leak didn’t happen (like most other companies would), OnePlus has now decided it’s time to be open about what the OnePlus 5 will look like.

On the official OnePlus Google+ page, an image of the OnePlus 5 was posted with the tagline “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.”, just as we saw on that leaked retail box for the phone a few weeks ago. The full image is attached below.

Well, that’s it… now there’s absolutely no doubt as to what the OnePlus 5 will end up looking like come June 20.

Was the company planning on revealing the look of the device this early all along? Or did they just give up after that leaked render appeared a few days ago?

At any rate, the phone will be officially unveiled at 12 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 20, so we don’t have much longer to wait to get all the details. Are you satisfied in knowing what the OnePlus 5 looks like before its official reveal date? Or would you rather be surprised? Also, how happy are you about the design? Hit up the comments below.

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