Update: The Loop VR headset is now listed as out of stock.

Original post: OnePlus is “upping the ante” when it comes to VR product launches.

Because launching new devices in virtual reality events is already passé (Samsung did it, and so did Google at I/O last week), OnePlus now wants to offer the “world’s first global shopping experience in VR.”

The company has teamed up with Ant VR to offer a headset called Loop VR. Pairing it with any device will allow you to explore the Loop, OnePlus’ own little virtual space station, complete with a section where you can purchase the OnePlus 3 ahead of everyone else.

That’s right, OnePlus wants you to buy the OnePlus 3 in virtual reality, and to ensure that you can explore its virtual store front, the company is giving away 30,000 Loop VR units.

You can claim yours right now – the device is free, but you will need to pay for shipping. Claim your Loop VR here. (Make sure to select the correct country!).

According to the product page for Loop VR, the headset weighs 366 grams and features ortostathic lenses and a field of view of 100 degrees. Most 5 to 6-inch devices are said to be compatible. Loop VR is close to Gear VR in terms of appearance and functionality and a clear step forward compared to Google Cardboard and OnePlus’ own cardboard-style headset from 2015.

There’s no information on how much the Loop VR will cost after the initial batch of free units runs out. Loop VR units will begin shipping after June 6.

If you can’t order from your country, try using a different browser. Chrome appears to be causing problems.

Any luck ordering?