cardboard vr oneplus

OnePlus wants you to experience the launch of the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality, so it’s giving away cardboard VR sets starting now.

OnePlus Cardboard can now be ordered for free, though you will need to pay for shipping: $5 in the US, £5 in the UK, and €7 in Europe.

There are a bunch of Google Cardboard clones available online for $5-$10, but OnePlus’ still looks like a good option. The company claims it improved over Google’s design, by making its Cardboard more durable, more compact, and more resistant to stains and wear. The headset is said to be compatible with “most” devices up to six inches in size.

There will likely be a limited number of sets available (OnePlus was clear about it losing money on this little venture), so if you’re interested, go over to the Cardboard page on the OnePlus site and get your unit.

Cardboard started almost like an inside joke when Google gave cardboard VR headsets to Google I/O attendants last year. But the concept of VR made accessible caught on, and Google announced it shipped more than 500,000 units and launched a certification program for 3rd party manufacturers. LG jumped in with a more durable version made of plastic, and a variety of cheap alternatives sprung up on Amazon and eBay offering cardboard sets for a few bucks.

Cardboard is essentially an empty shell, relying exclusively on the device for sound and video. In that respect, it’s obviously be going to be limited compared to Oculus Rift and other dedicated devices, or even Samsung’s hybrid Gear VR. But that doesn’t mean it’s not useful as a gateway to VR for users that want to give the concept a try without spending big.

Will you be ordering a OnePlus Cardboard?