oneplus 3

OnePlus has been awfully quiet about its third “flagship killer”. They have been known for hyping their devices to no end, periodically giving us bits and pieces of what the next handset will feature. But all we really know about the OnePlus 3 is that it will be launched on June 14th, will be available for purchase at launch and that “it feels good to hold“. The rest are rumors.

But of course, OnePlus couldn’t stay quiet until next week’s announcement. They have taken it to Twitter to show us what the OnePlus 3 camera will be able to accomplish. Let’s take a look at the images!

These are pretty good photos considering OnePlus has never been a stellar competitor in the camera department. Their phones usually create fairly good pictures, but nothing close to the best smartphone cameras around.

Other OnePlus 3 content:

Rumors say the OnePlus 3 will have a 16 MP main camera, but that didn’t really tell us much. These photos at least show us things seem to be improving, which is one of the things we were hoping for. Shots are crisp and there is no sign of blur or weird elements. The one at the beach even shows what seems like a bokeh effect, which is something you only get with some lenses with wide apertures.

oneplus 3 launch event

The photos look good, but we would wait to pass judgement. We don’t know who took them, what kind of settings were used, how many times the photos had to be taken to get the best shot, or whether the image was edited or not.

We will have to wait until we get our hands on the phone to really tell what kind of quality we are getting. For now, just give these images a look and hit the comments to let us know what you think of them.