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The OxygenOS that powers the OnePlus 2 is getting a new update that offers a handful of pretty convenient improvements. At the top of our list is RAW support for the device’s camera, but there’s something here for everyone.

OnePlus 2 gets a permanent price reduction

The upgrade to OxygenOS 2.2.1 isn’t a very showy evolution. It’s mostly a few little tweaks and upgrades that making using your handset a bit more enjoyable. For example, the devs have improved Bluetooth compatibility to cut down on those frustrating connection problems. Ultra SIM also got some compatibility improvements, and the GMS 3.0 upgrade is pretty nice. Some issue with roaming have been fixed, and that bug that used to result in the occasional corrupted image when snapping pictures has finally been patched. Security also got tightened a bit and, hey, Romanian language support has been added. And, of course, you can now take RAW-quality pics with the camera.

Depending on your priorities, the camera boost or the security patch might be your favorites of this update. The tightened security incorporates the February security patch from Google, so you won’t have to worry about your OnePlus 2 falling behind security-wise. Although rollout has started today, you might not see it hit your device for a day or two. Patience, grasshopper.

What are your thoughts regarding this new update to OxygenOS? If you’re a OnePlus 2 owner, let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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