Summer is heating up and so are the rumors swirling around Samsung’s upcoming devices. We already have a good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and now a video based on CAD drawings promises to give us a (partial) look at the design of the Galaxy Note 5.

The video above, published via @Onleaks by French tech blogger Steve Hemmerstoffer, allegedly shows a 3D mockup of the Galaxy Note 5 made based on CAD product schematics. The origin of the schematics is unknown, though we can speculate that they might be sourced from a 3rd party case manufacturer that had advanced access to the Note 5.

With this said, there’s absolutely no guarantee that this is the real, final design of the Note 5, so don’t put too much stock into it just yet.

samsung galexy note 5 model

The design of the device resembles that of the Galaxy S6, with the biggest difference being the tapered profile of the back, which resembles the curved back of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. The curved sides are almost the reverse of the S6 Edge design, where the back is flat and the screen hugs the sides.

Some other, predictable design elements that can be spotted are the protruding camera and the flash/HR sensor on the back, and the S Pen slot on the bottom. The 3D model suggests the Note 5 will feature a regular microUSB port, as opposed to Type C, as some sources have claimed before.

The model measurements (153.44 mm x 77.31 mm) are very close to the Note 4, suggesting the Note 5 will stick with a 5.7-inch display. The 10.2 mm thickness of the model seems rather large, but it includes the protruding camera, so the phone body could be a couple millimeters thinner.

There’s no clue in this 3D model about the materials that Samsung will use for the Note 5, but metal and glass look like a good bet. If that’s the case, the back cover of the phone will not be removable, which is bound to disappoint a lot of fans.

samsung galexy note 5 model 2

@Onleaks has supplied us with a number of accurate leaks in the past, but, again, we must stress that this “leak” is completely unsubstantiated for now.

Separately, Italian tech site HDBlog published a set of renders that it claims it created based on information about the Galaxy Note 5 from unspecified sources. The renders were published today, but it’s not clear if they are based on @Onleaks’ model or on independent information. The images show the same curved back, with a metallic frame sandwiched between two panes of glass.

samsung galaxy note 5 render hdblog (2)
samsung galaxy note 5 render hdblog (1)

What do you think of the 3D model? Do you think it’s credible?