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Nexus 6P camera glass may spontaneously crack

The Google Nexus 6P may be one of the best flagships but it might not be resilient: some users are reporting that the camera glass can spontaneously crack.

Published onNovember 9, 2015

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The Nexus 6P is arguably one of the best Nexus devices made, with the brushed aluminium finish and sleek build combining to create “a Nexus flagship worthy of its premium moniker“. Yet, it’s not all positive; some reports suggest its easy to bend and damage Google’s latest flagship and some Reddit users are reporting that the glass panel in front of the camera can also spontaneously crack.

The small piece of glass protecting the camera is made of Gorilla Glass 4 but doesn’t seem to be as durable as its smartphone display equivalent. Some pictures posted online suggest that the glass is spontaneously cracking and one Redditor has come up with a theory why the glass may be cracking.

Summarising u/RedHeadedMenace/:

It seems that most screens – including the Nexus 6P display – have a small plastic shock ring to protect the glass but the Nexus 6P’s camera glass doesn’t have this. As such, any lateral pressure applied by the case can cause the camera glass to crack.

Sounds simple enough right but smartphones are complex pieces of engineering and other users suggest that the phone overheating, sudden changes in temperature or even an internal issue related to the battery swelling could be causing the camera glass to crack.

It also seems that the cracking occurs at different times, with one user reporting that it happened on the first night they got the phone, another saying it happened within 24 hours and the original poster suggesting it happened spontaneously while the phone was just sitting there.

Huawei and Google are yet to official acknowledge the issue but the number of reports is increasing so it’ll be interesting to see how the company responds. It’s possible that this issue may be affecting just a particular batch of handsets as neither of our units has this problem or it could be that they haven’t cracked yet.

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What about your Nexus 6P? Has the glass in front of the camera cracked? Let us know in the comments below and if it has cracked, we recommend letting Google/HUAWEI know, as well as the retailer you bought the handset from.

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