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6 common problems with the Nexus 6 and how to fix them

We take a look at some of the common issues that plague Nexus 6 users, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them.

Published onJanuary 23, 2015


With the Nexus 6, Google has attempted to provide a worthy competitor in the phablet space dominated by Samsung. Packed with top of the line specifications, a sharp display and the best iteration of Android yet, you’re bound to find something impressive in this larger than life phone. Unfortunately, there isn’t a smartphone in the market without its flaws, and that is true with the Nexus 6 as well. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common problems with the Nexus 6, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them.

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Disclaimer: Not every user of the Nexus 6 will face these issues, and it is quite likely that you won’t come across any of the problems listed below.

Problem #1 – Issues with random rebooting

Nexus 6 Android 5.0 Lollipop-1

A number of Nexus 6 users have reported that their phone suddenly reboots with no apparent reason. Sometimes, this can happen multiple times in a row, with the phone booting to lock screen, and then rebooting the moment a PIN or lock-code is entered.

Potential Solutions:

  • Corrupt or fragmented data in your phone could be causing an issue. Back up any important data and perform a factory reset.
  • Disable active notifications – this is sometimes helpful.
  • Disable the primary messenger application and try using hangouts instead.
  • Enable Google Play Services and GPS high accuracy.
  • Make sure your device is charged fully.
  • Wipe the cache partition on your phone, as this can remove any fragmented data.

Problem #2 – Bugs with Bluetooth connection

nexus 6 first impressions (9 of 21)

A number of Nexus 6 users have struggled with problems regarding Bluetooth connectivity.

Potential Solutions:

  • Start by turning the Bluetooth on your device off and back on again.
  • If the problem continues, clear the cache for Bluetooth by going to Settings – Apps – All – Bluetooth Share – Clear Cache.
  • Go to Bluetooth Share and tap Clear Data
  • Restart the phone after clearing the data and cache, if this doesn’t work, try booting the phone into safe mode using the directions below.

Problem #3 – Abnormal battery drain

nexus 6 review aa (4 of 14)

Though its large battery suggests that the battery life of the Nexus 6 should be quite good, a number of these devices have been affected by abnormally fast drain despite normal usage.

Potential Solutions:

  • Third party applications could be causing excess battery drain, so disable any power-heavy applications that are running in the background unless they are used frequently.
  • Ensure all applications are updated to the latest version.
  • Try uninstalling power-hungry applications one by one to see if the problem can be isolated.
  • Turn off vibrations, and reduce screen brightness if possible.
  • Try rebooting the device with all third-party applications uninstalled, or factory resetting the phone. This should help to clear out any damaged files in your data.

Problem #4 – Cloud Print errors and force closing

nexus 6 review aa (13 of 14)

Some users have reported that on the Nexus 6, it is difficult to keep the Cloud Print application running.

Potential Solutions:

  • Update your Cloud Print application and ensure that the device is fully up to date.
  • Go into Settings – Apps – All – Cloud Print and select both Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Attempt a factory reset to get rid of any fragmented data.

Problem #5 – Screen isn’t bright enough outside

nexus 6 review aa (5 of 14)

An issue that has plagued many users of the Nexus 6 is that when outside, the screen brightness seems too low, especially on bright or sunny days.

Potential Solutions:

  • Go to Settings – Device – Display and change your settings.
  • You should be able to alter the brightness level of set auto-brightness on the device.
  • Turn on adaptive brightness to automatically optimize the level of brightness on your phone screen in regards to the light around you. This setting is generally on as default, and still allows for brightness settings to be altered when needed.

Problem #6 – Slow charging

nexus 6 first impressions (17 of 21)

Slow charging is one of the problems that many Nexus 6 owners have complained of since buying the phablet.

Potential Solutions:

  • If the phone is charging slowly, disable any unwanted applications
  • Press the back button twice when exiting an application, instead of simply tapping “Home”, this closes the app from the background and prevents the excessive drain of power.
  • Don’t play games when the Nexus 6 is charging, as they require extra processing power.
  • Check the charger cable is working by attempting to charge using another cable, or charging a different device with the same cable.
  • Try charging through direct connection to a laptop or computer.
  • A malfunctioning application could be causing the problem, boot the phone into safe mode and see if it charges faster. This will imply a faulty app. If an application is the problem, perform a factory reset and reinstall apps selectively.

These are some of the most common issues that users of the Nexus 6 have been suffering. If you have struggled with one of these problems yourself, or have experienced something that we haven’t mentioned above, make sure to get in touch through the comment section. We’ll be working to keep this list updated as more solutions and problems appear.

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Following are the guides on how to delete data, factory reset, and boot your Nexus 6 into safe mode.
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Deleting Data:

  • Go to Settings – Personal
  • Tap Backup and Reset
  • Choose Factory Data Reset
  • Confirm with Reset Phone
  • Enter your PIN or pattern code.
  • Tap Delete everything

Hardware Factory Reset:

  • Turn off the phone
  • Hold the volume down button and Power button simultaneously until the device switches on.
  • You should see “Start” with an arrow
  • Tap volume down twice and the power button to enter Recovery Mode
  • Hold the power button then press and release the volume up button
  • Use the volume buttons to select wipe data/factory reset
  • Choose “Yes – erase all data” with the power button

Safe Mode:

  • Hold the power button after ensuring the screen is on.
  • Tap and hold the Power off selection in the menu
  • Tap OK to initiate Safe Mode

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