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OnePlus teases exciting new features coming to Oxygen OS

OnePlus has heard its fans and chosen five requested features to be added to Oxygen OS in the future.

Published onMay 6, 2020

OnePlus recently let users speak up about features they’d like to see added to Oxygen OS. The company has heard its fans and chosen five of those requests to be added to its Android skin in the future.

The company posted the top 20 user submitted features through its Ideas program, and then choose five of those to actually be adopted into Oxygen OS in the future. Some of the new Oxygen OS features sound quite intriguing for anyone who owns a OnePlus device such as the OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8

New Oxygen OS features

First, the company has chosen improvements to Zen Mode. Basically, Oxygen OS will let users access certain essential features while Zen Mode is enabled. The plan is to let users whitelist certain apps for use while in the focused mode.

Another new feature the company plans to adopt is the use of folders within the app drawer. The user would like to be able to keep the app drawer more organized, and OnePlus agrees. OnePlus also said, “… we are also exploring other features that can help on the app drawer organizing goal.”

Oxygen OS will also get the ability to play a sound when the battery is fully charged. This might be a pretty niche feature, but it could be useful for some users.

For security, OnePlus is also going to add the ability to lock hidden pictures behind the fingerprint scanner. Anyone who has sensitive photos on their device will most definitely appreciate having an extra layer of security for their pictures.

OnePlus 8 Pro screen in hand 1

The final new feature coming to Oxygen OS is an always-on display. Users who aren’t concerned about the battery drain will be able to leave a portion of their screen running at all times when the new feature is implemented.

As it turns out, the company has been testing and working on an always-on display feature for a while. “Internally, we have started the evaluation and implementation of AOD quite some time ago. We prioritize the execution of this feature based on the research made about user habits,” OnePlus representative Gary C. said in response to the submitted feature request.

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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro in front of box

All five of these new features have been added to the Oxygen OS roadmap, though the company didn’t make it clear when exactly users would see them on their devices.

There are also 15 features that were rather popular with the OnePlus community that didn’t make the cut. Some of them are pretty interesting. Ideally, OnePlus keeps will keep them in mind for the future, because some could definitely improve the functionality of the OS.

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