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Do you have a burning desire for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 despite all the recall issues surrounding it? The US has received a new shipment of half a million Galaxy Note 7’s as part of the recall program, and Sprint and Verizon are already selling these new Note 7 units, that will not spontaneously combust while in use.

Verizon has put up a notice too large to miss on the product page, assuring potential buyers that these are not old stock, but new and “safe” units. Sprint did not follow suit, but showcased the device as it was before.

AT&T and T-Mobile could follow soon, though we don’t have any official info from them just yet.

It is very easy to tell if a Galaxy Note 7 is “safe”: the battery indicator will be green in the Status Bar, the Always On Display screen, and at the Power Off prompt screen. The Note 7’s packaging should also feature a black box in the top right corner of the bottom label. Last but not least, you can refer to Samsung’s IMEI checker for added peace of mind.

The confusion around the Note 7 recall seems to persist, as unconfirmed reports are met by contradictory signals from Samsung, or worse, by lack of communication. A previous report penned by Evan Blass (a.k.a. @evleaks) suggested that new Note 7 units would only go on sale on October 21. Obviously, that was inaccurate, as carriers are already selling new devices.

Who’s planning on (still) getting the Note 7?

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