• Samsung just released 18 new AR Emoji expressions to go with the original 18.
  • The company promises to release 18 more “in the coming months.”
  • To get the new AR Emojis, you’ll need to update your camera app.

We’ve already examined how much Samsung’s AR Emoji suck when compared to competitor product Apple’s Animoji. But the thing that really gets to me about AR Emoji is that they’re just creepy. Things that are lifelike – but not quite – always creep me out.

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But Samsung is literally doubling down on its AR Emoji options by adding 18 new expressive stickers to the original 18 that shipped with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Eventually, Samsung will triple its AR Emoji offerings with an additional 18 stickers. That new batch is slated to launch “in the coming months.”

You can see some examples of the new AR Emojis in the GIF below:

If you own a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus and want to get these new AR Emojis for yourself, simply update your camera app to the latest version through the Galaxy Apps store. You’ll find the update under the “My apps” section.

Once updated, you can share your creepy animated stickers directly from your Samsung keyboard or copy-and-paste them from the Gallery app.

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Why do Samsung’s AR Emoji suck compared to Apple’s Animoji?

In our article examining AR Emoji as compared to Apple’s Animoji, we reveal that AR Emoji are capable of being much more distinct and lifelike already – but Samsung didn’t activate the advanced features. It’s an interesting deep dive into a novelty feature.

You can probably look forward to more animated Emoji offerings from smartphone manufacturers now that Xiaomoji are seeing the light of day.

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