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Android App Review: NetQin Mobile Security

We take a look at what the NetQin Mobile Security app has to offer

Published onNovember 4, 2011

Are you feeling insecure on your Android mobile device? Do you think some apps are “spying on you”? You can stop worrying about this anymore–with NetQin Mobile Security.

While there are tons of security apps out there, NetQin Mobile Security stands out by providing a variety of features that protect you and your Android phone.

NetQin consists of dual-engine scanning, to rid your device of those nasty viruses and malware. The engine scans major applications and system files in less than 60 seconds. There are also options for a complete and customized scan.

To add to these, there is an add-on called “Anti-Lost” which can locate your lost or stolen phone from any computer that can access the Web.  You can also backup contacts or restore from backup files.  Also featured is a data usage tracker, which will alert you if you are nearing your allowed monthly data budget.

NetQin Mobile Security offers features more than just being a security application, making it truly competitive with other programs. Lets get into the analysis of NetQin’s major features and why they are superior to many Android security applications

Video Review

The following video shows our review of the NetQin Mobile Security app and our thoughts of how the app compares to high standards:

Dual-Engine Scanning

NetQin seems to override the competition with what its developers call its “award-winning” twin-engine scanning. Cloud and client software provides a fast scan feature, which will quickly scan major system applications and other applications in less than 60 seconds.

Alongside the antivirus scan feature is the option of a customized scan, full scan, or just the “time saver” scheduled scan. After each scan, NetQin will display apps that are infected, and will give the option to delete them from your device.

The app also comes with browsing protection, which will allow the user to surf at ease. Malicious websites will be detected and a notification will be shown before you access the infected website.

Contact Recovery

With NetQin’s contact backup and/or restore function, users will not have to worry about lost contacts, as they are saved to your personal NetQin account and can be accessed on just about any Android device.

You have the option to backup contacts to a neighboring SD card, or even to the NetQin server.

Privacy Protection 

NetQin’s privacy protection feature is quite simple. It basically shows installed applications that have special permissions (e.g., permission to access such things as contacts, messaging, email, etc.). You will also have the option to delete these apps that could possibly be malicious, as NetQin provides you with additional safety information.


The Anti-Lost feature on NetQin is truly superb. This works through NetQin’s online tool called NQ Space, through which a lost or stolen phone can easily be recovered by the location status feature.

NQ Space users can sound an alarm, locate the device, or just simply lock or wipe the device so that unauthorized users will not have access.

System Optimization

NetQin’s System Optimization feature is essentially a task killer that allows you to manage and “optimize” all applications on the device.  Also, root users will have the option to look at related apps and research security information about installed third-party software.

Traffic Manager

If you have recently just purchased a new plan, or switched to a different network, you might know that monthly data charges are as strict as ever. However, you will not have to worry about going over the monthly bill with NetQin Mobile Security’s “Traffic Manager.”

You can set a monthly usage quota and monitor recent activity on your device. It will show you daily, as well as monthly charts to make you aware of upcoming usage or of going over your plan allowance.

Users will also be able to receive notifications and messages when they are nearing their data allowance, leaving some extra wiggle room for the most important apps that require data.

Pro Version

You may know by now that most free apps offer a service to pay money for more features. That is simply not true for every app, but for NetQin it certainly is.

Included in the pro version are some upgrades and advancements for Anti-Lost, as well as automatic updating of virus definitions.

App Review Round-Up

NetQin shows that the software is at the top of its class and that competitors have a hard time trying to compete. But, one of the things I like about this company is that it is not always telling the consumer that its product is “more advanced” than those from other companies.

It seems that NetQin is more focused on customer ratings and how it can improve on these by updating definitions and software functionality. NetQin is an “A” in my book, and for a rating, it is at least a solid 4/5. Thank you NetQin for giving me a software that actually proves to me that it works.

What do you think about NetQin? If you have NetQin already, do you personally love it or hate it?



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