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Is Netflix not working on Apple TV? Here’s how you can fix it

Is Netflix not working on your Apple TV set-top box? Here's what might be going on, and how you might be able to fix it.
September 10, 2022

If you own an Apple TV set-top box (second generation and later), you can download the Netflix native app to stream and watch shows and movies from its huge library of titles. But what if Netflix is not working on your Apple TV?

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Here’s a look at what might be the problem if Netflix is not working on Apple TV devices. We also offer some solutions that might get Netflix back up and running again.


Netflix can stop working on Apple TV for a number of reasons. Your best courses of action are to restart your Apple TV, check your Wi-Fi connection, or check for an update to the Netflix app. There's also a chance that none of these methods will fix Netflix, in which case you may have to reinstall an older version of the app.


Turn off Apple TV and turn it on again

Apple TV 4K standing up
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Yes, this old internet meme can actually work if Netflix suddenly stops working on your Apple TV device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unplug both your Apple TV and the TV it’s plugged into.
  2. Leave them unplugged for two minutes or more.
  3. Plug them both back in.
  4. Turn them back on.
  5. Give Netflix another try.

Check your Wi-Fi or network connection

Synology RT6600ax router front view
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If that doesn’t work, your home network may be having issues. If your Apple TV is connected to an Ethernet cable, the problem could lie with either your Wi-Fi signal or your wired connection. Here’s how to check it:

  • Open the Apple TV home screen.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Network.
  • Under Connection, check to see if it says “Connected.”

If it doesn’t say “Connected,” turn off your Wi-Fi router and then turn it on again. If it’s connected to an Ethernet cable, you may need to turn your internet modem off and on again to get things back up to speed.

Delete and reinstall your Netflix app

What to watch on Netflix
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If Netflix is still not working on your Apple TV set-top box, there might be an issue with the Netflix app itself. Here’s how to uninstall and reinstall the app:

  • From the Apple TV home screen, highlight the Netflix app.
  • Press and hold the center of your touchpad (the Netflix icon will start to shake).
  • Press the play/pause button.
  • Click on Delete to confirm.
  • Go to the Apple TV app store
  • Find the Netflix app, download it, and try to log in again.

Update your Apple TV operating system

Apple TV 4K standing with remote
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

If that doesn’t work, it’s possible the tvOS version installed on your Apple TV device is out of date and may need to be updated. Here’s how to handle that:

  • Go to the Apple TV home screen.
  • Click on Settings > System > Software Updates and then select Update Software.
  • Click on Download and Install (if new firmware is available).

Is Netflix still not working on Apple TV? Netflix might be down

samsung galaxy tab a8 netflix
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

If none of those methods work, there’s an outside chance that Netflix itself could be having problems. The site might show if there are reported outages of Netflix in your area. If there are, you will have to wait until Netflix is back up and running.